A Short Story

The wind blew gently, the sun shined brightly, the birds chirped happily and the deer roamed the forests gleefully. All across the land, everything was beautiful, perfect. But then, a loud shriek of a young female broke this silence, and birds flew from their perches in fear.

Against a tree a youthful blond girl was held by her neck, fear plain on her face. The one who held her there with his strong, clawed hand showed anger in his eyes, his animalistic ears flat against his head. His golden eyes bore into the female's blue, and flashed when she struggled against his grip.

"You DARE to try and kill me?" he snarled. "You shall pay dearly for your mistake!" He tightened his grip on the girl's neck, cutting off her air.

"STOP!" came a voice from behind, while a fist collided with the man's face. That fist belonged to a slightly feminine, yet very handsome man, who had the wings of a black bird upon his back, long, power-blue hair, and frightening red eyes.

The first man went flying from his spot in-front of the girl, and into a tree, hitting it so hard that he was knocked unconscious and fell limply to the ground.

The winged man came over to the girl and helped her up off the ground, for she had slumped down to her knees when the animalistic man was made to release her. "Are you OK?" he asked.

"Yeah. I'm OK. I think." She replied. "But. why did you help me? I have no connection to you in any way what so ever.."

"I helped you because you are a lady, and no lady should be put up against a man, for they can't win.."

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?" The girl's frightened look turned into one of anger and disgust. "Just because I am a lady doesn't mean I can't defeat a man! You sexist jerk!" She slapped him hard across the face. "HMPH!" She then walked away angrily.

The man sighed to himself. "I didn't even get her name.."


Shiro Inazuma: please, don't ask. the story has no plot or anything. it's only meaning was to be funny... I guess. R&R.