Jelly Beans on pristine clean
White, is worn
For me and me.
The doctors in their doctorings
They shock me with their sherbet strings
Yellow, electrocuting rings
Pass through me while the smoke sings.
My prison is most dull and grey
But sweets fly
When I pass way.
Liquorice lacquers paint the stares
The black is dull
And dulls their glares.
The doctors in their doctorings
Plan to cure my voice it seems
With whams of chocolaty redeems
"Oh no, not I," I laugh with glee.
My inmates do not care for laughs
The sweet gumdrops
Give them nought
And would I give them what they sought;
The saccharine syrup?
I think not.
The doctors in their doctorings,
Want me to give up these things
And let the sherbet work its will.
"Not me, note me, not me," I sing.
"I'll keep the eccentricities sweets bring
And stop the sherbet with shock chair
Your therapies cannot touch me
Not me, not me, not me!" I sing.