Title: My Beachside Girl
Author: Heather P.

Noemi of the sea,
With foam around her tan ankles
And salt lining the edge of her fleshy hips,
As she stands in the ocean.

She is so flirty, swinging those hips in front of me,
And looking over her rounded shoulder at me.
I smile while wiping sand from my legs,
Digging my toes in the sand,
Feeling the texture under my fingers.

My reflective sun worshiper, Noemi,
With her eyes of hazel green,
Like raw wood, she bends with the waves.
The water mirrors ripples of light upon the crest of her body,
As her floatsome bosom sways in rhythm.

Above I can see the day moon,
Like a ghost.
It watches us in the sand,
With the sun on our bodies,
with moths fluttering on our fingertips.

Together we shine like stars,
Attracting all eyes.

We are beautiful,
a set of matching shakers,
with our cracks and nicks,
But when our hips,
meet and join,
They create something whole.

As I stand and go to her in the water,
Letting my arms wrap around those round hips and waist,
Drawing back only when she turns to me,
Pressing sweet cherry lips to mine, a puckered mouth and a kiss forever.

We create an ocean with our moist lipped kisses,
Letting the waves crash around us and through us,
Passionate and deep,
With untold secrets hidden inside,
That only we will be able to explore together.