As red wine penetrates
Fabric as white as snow
How it never completely fades
Like memories long ago
All it takes is an arrow
To strike my heart
All it takes is a farewell
To break it apart
We were meant to be
I know it without a doubt
You are the one, I believe
I could not live without
Years have gone by
Since the incident
Yet I cannot deny
My longing for your presence
It was a wondrous night
With a meal so divine
Accompanied by candles lit bright
And two glasses of red wine
In preparing the table
I did my very best
By the time you rang my doorbell
Everything was set
I welcomed you in
You accepted my invitation
I started with, "How's it been?"
And it soon unravelled into a full conversation
Everything was perfect
As a fairy tale text
There was nothing I'd correct
Except what happened next
As the number of drinks increased
So did lack of common sense
Our once upon a time compliments ceased
Our riots became a juvenile argument
About to leave from the fury
In a total fit
You rise from the table, in a hurry
Knocking your glass of wine, spilling it
Returning to your right state of mind
With disbleif in your eyes
To what you'd done to cloth so fine
You apologize
I forgave you easily
And then stated it's getting late
"We should let things be"
Ending our date
So you got up and left
Our fight would take time to mend
How'd I expect
To never see you again?
It was only until the day proceeding
That it came to my realization
Your heart had ceased beating
From a car crash devastation
I let out a deep sigh
Unable to speak
I let myself cry
As tears rolled down my cheeks
To this present time
The memory remains
Though all you left behind
Was a red wine stain.