Mental Scars

Pretending never got me any further than my lies,
And even when I stopped, I couldn't see the truth,
I've spent my whole life miserable, constantly in tears,
In tears for the broken world, the downfall of it's youth.

Even with my faith in God, I cannot keep on going,
I can't find the path that He intended me to tread,
Though the road is hard, I know I must keep going,
In spite of the heartache, and the blood that I have shed.

To you, I am a voodoo doll, relieving all your stress,
But I can't be a punch bag until my dying days,
I must break away and make decisions on my own,
I will convince myself that this depression's just a phase.

For every single tear that falls from eyes, so blue,
God will give me happiness to make my pain seem less,
And I know that in the darkness, He will guide me with His light,
Giving me the strength to break away from all this mess.

Although the past is painful, and it still lives in my dreams,
I know that I am strong enough to pull through and move on,
And even through it's hard, and it always seems to much,
Eventually, my mental scars will fade and then be gone.