Can't you hear what I say?
The tears that are cried,
The screams that are silent,
All of those lies.

Can't you see what is happening?
Or are you to blind to that to?
Just ignore the pleas of help,
I really don't blame you.

Can't you sense my fear?
Hear the sweat drip,
You know I am scared,
But you bit your lip.

Can't you not ignore?
What I'm going through,
But do I want you to know?
Maybe not you.

Can't you pretend?
That you understand,
It's to hard though,
To lend a helping hand.

Can't you see, realize know,
That not everything is well?
Please don't ignore this scream for help,
Whether or not I shall tell.

By Siobhan

Date: 5/3/2004