Take Me Away

By K's Moonshadow


It's all forever hurting me.

Why can't anyone see?

I repeatedly say I'm fine

But I'm really so far behind. *

I just want it to stop

Too long have I fought

I will never win

Nothing but sin *

Please! Someone take me away

I don't want to stay.

It hurts. It hurts!

What more do I need to say? *

My eyes cannot cry

But inside I will die

Please! Someone get me soon

Or everything will crash. Boom! *

Please. Please. I'm screaming!

My ever-silent tears are pleading.

Please. Take me away

Before I go astray. *

What's left to say?

Please make my pain go away.

I'm sorry you've been scared.

I didn't know you were unprepared. *

I'm sorry. Leave me be.

You're too good for me.

Let me go. Let me cry.

I just want to die. *