Don't Leave Me

By K's Moonshadow


I'm sorry.

I need you

I just can't help it.

There's nothing I can do. *

It hurts so much I want to die

Wouldn't be a problem,

But you get in my way.

I can never follow through. *

Everyone has a reason

They're still alive

Guess what? You're mine.

Didn't you know? *

I can't tell you

Can't say a word

It's not worth the risks

Don't want to scare you *

I can't lose you.

All this pain I feel

I'll be able to deal

As long as I have you * .

But I do tell you.

Subtle hints in e-mails

Clues dropped in conversation

Unseen body language *

They give me all away!

Don't you see?

I'm crushed beyond recognition

They're all hurting me. *

For whatever the reason

These things elude you

So, I write poems and I live

All for you. *

But it's so hard

We're far, far apart.

I feed off your memories

Your every form of contact. *

But you worry me

Haven't written

Was it never meant to be

Or have you been bitten? *

My every thought and dream

Are written down within your reach

All you have to do is turn the pages

You'd only be breaking my heart. *

There's not much left,

But go ahead! Everyone else has.

Now I wonder,

Maybe I have scared you away. *

Maybe you caught all my hints after all

Maybe you're reading them now

I'm sorry. I know you're not perfect.

You're just the closest thing to an angel. *

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

How many times must I say it?

It hurts. It hurts.

Please. Just don't leave me. *

Maybe you'll never write again.

I knew the day would come.

I'm just so sorry.

I must've put you through my hell.

Farewell. *