A short story by Becca Garcia

"Do you love me?"
A gray-haired lady bends over the kitchen table to serve her husband. The man had been once a dashing Hollywood star during the great era of silver screen. Now he is a has-been old geezer silently sitting at the kitchen table, glumly scanning the morning papers.
"Mm-mm. Yes. Now please let me read, okay?"
"Are you sure?"
The woman was once a beautiful teenaged starlet that her husband had wooed during the early 1960s. She had given up just about everything for him and now she has faded into a dumpy old housewife at nearly the age of fifty. She is looking timidly at her husband who had made every woman swoon in his youth. Nowadays, the man is well into his 80s and a real grouch. Finally, the woman begins nervously.
"Uh, if you don't mind.today is.uh, my birthday?"
The old man lowers his newspaper to look carefully at his wife. Still another year to be hung onto that frump's droopy, saggy old body. Then the man gives the woman a brief nod before he goes back to reading.
"All right, I will pick up a present for you when I go into the town today, okay?"
"Y-you don't sound l-like you even care!"
The old man suddenly starts at the woman's raised voice. He sharply jerks his head to glare crossly at his wife, who simply draws back and begins to whimper a little. The old man is very disgusted with her.
"Hey, get yourself together! You can tell I am busy reading this damn paper, all right?"
"Y-yes. I'm sorry."
"You should be, woman. Aw, just forget it."
With that, the old man gives a grunt as he struggles to get up and then lumbers out the small kitchen, leaving his breakfast untouched. The woman just stands where she is, still weeping softly to herself. She briefly allows herself to think of her paunchy old husband as the handsome young swashbuckler he used to be when he was in the pictures. And the very one she had loved. Still loved.
The old man goes downtown and looking around himself, pauses by the window of a porno store. He looks longingly at the ripe, nubile bodies of young girls so lusciously displayed on all the dirty magazines in the window.
This makes him think back to the days when a beautiful young blonde girl had broken his heart back in.oh, maybe about 1933 when he was first breaking into the films at the tender age of nineteen. And he had lost her to some mysterious cause not long afterwards.
How he had yearned and longed for the little blonde creature over oh, so many years. And how he had searched for her perfect face among the faces of all the gorgeous young actresses who had starred opposite him during their very steamy love scenes.
He even remembers encountering another tiny blonde of perhaps about 12 or 13 that he had so vigorously seduced and later married when she became sixteen. This had ended up in a very scandalous divorce. And after that, he had married a third blonde who was barely 15 at the time. That too went up in scorching flames, which had then made big headlines. And he had also been involved with a very nasty paternity suit at one time.
Finally, in the year 1964, when he was a middle-aged nobody who made nothing but bombs, he met a shy little blonde girl who had just turned 14. He thought she was just perfect for him, so he went and married her right away. This one remained loyally at his side to this day, tenderly waiting on him hand and foot and giving him seventeen children; the last one just recently shipped off to a boarding school in another state.
Nevertheless, this cute little blonde had grown into a gray-haired old bag over the years and he had grown quite tired of her. So he continued to dream of his lost little blonde girl as he lay next to the dowdy old broad at night, listening to her quiet sniffling and sighing. What a pathetic woman she is, always feeling sorry for herself!
Right now, the old man is standing next to the porno store so ripe full of promises for him. Will he even dare? He decides the birthday present can wait as he ducks in for only a minute to indulge in a harmless little fantasy that he has been so deprived of his whole damned life.
He soon comes across a very curious display: a whole collection of oddly shaped bottles that come in all colors imaginable. Wondering what the hell those bottles are for in a girlie shop, the old man asks a weird- looking young man behind the counter.
The young man stares with his big, bulging eyes at this old geezer and slyly tells him that those bottles are magical and can grant any wish he wants. Especially to turn his broken-down old lady back into what he'd always wanted: a cute little blonde girl that he had so long ago loved and lost.
The odd young man's eyes seem to be casting a hypnotic spell on the old man, so he immediately believes him. Eagerly picking out a rose-pink bottle that seems to be shaped just like the torso of a young girl, the old man pays the odd-looking man and hurries home with it.
"Just drink this, woman!"
"B-but what is in it?"
"It's your damned birthday present, so JUST DRINK IT UP!"
"T-thank you, my dear. I will."
Her withered old hands quivering, the woman takes the rosy, shapely bottle and timidly sips it. Suddenly, her wrinkled eyes light up for the very first time ever since a smooth-talking Hollywood director with his slicked-back salt-and-pepper hair had won her over. In an instant, the woman quickly drains the whole bottle - much to the old man's delight.
"Uh. I don't feel anything."
"Oh, you will soon enough!"
But nothing happens so far. The old man is so angry he becomes quite abusive with his wife, who is no stranger to his shabby treatment. So the unhappy woman runs sobbing from the living room as the old man scowls fiercely after her. What a rip-off! He thinks darkly, "I will give that young whipper-snapper a piece of my mind when I stop by next time."
However, something does happen that night. When the old man gets up with some struggle and a little farting to go to bed, he suddenly encounters the very sight he would never even dream of at this very moment. Standing before him is a very attractive blonde lady in her 30s. She is wearing a white bathrobe and looking coyly at the surprised old man. And she is also beaming sweetly. "Thank you very much, my dear, for restoring my youth!"
"D-did I???"
"Oh, yes! You did.and I want to reward you for it."
The nice-looking lady smiles and winks before she goes back into the bathroom. The old man gapes after her with a great bewilderment. And something is also stirring in his pants for the very first time. It wasn't too long before the same cooing noises reach his ears once again.
"Okay, big boy! I'm reaaady!"
This time, a even younger blonde woman who looks about 25 returns, wearing her bathrobe in a very seductive way. Now the old man can tell she is no longer wearing anything under her bathrobe. And his crotch has never felt so hot ever since the time that first blonde girl he loved so much finally bared her ripe, rosy-tipped breast to him for a price.
"Come on, let's go to bed now!"
Stretching sleekly over the bed, the sexy blonde woman with her long, silky hair falling over her shoulder looks beguilingly at the old man and softly beckons. It must be his imagination, for she now looks to be barely 20. Yet he doesn't really pay much heed as he fiercely rips off his clothes and dives into the bed with the girl.
The old man makes mad, passionate love to the young blonde girl, greedily drinking in all the forbidden nectar that he has been denied for so long. And before his very eyes, the laughing young girl begins to turn 16.and then 15.and then 14.
Soon enough, the old man is staring feverishly into the face of a twelve-year-old girl who is giggling giddily and tossing her long blonde hair all over the place. For the very first time in his whole life, the old man is quite enraptured. So he savagely grasps the laughing little girl and humps even harder.
Suddenly, the little girl gives a feline hiss. Her young face instantly turns feral as she begins to claw viciously at the old man's face. The unfortunate old man screams hoarsely as the spitting young creature takes his eyes, nose, and lips. Letting out a loud, ear-splitting cry, the little girl plunges her claws into the old man's mouth and yanks his tongue right out. And the old man gets a fatal heart attack.
Once a handsome young movie star who had a mysterious way with all the ladies of the olden times, he is now lying face-down in an expanding pool of blood as a naked blonde five-year-old girl goes dancing and whirling off into the silvery moonlight.

The End