Passion's Weather
By:Andrew Troy Keller

For Spencer Wainwright,a son of one of New York's
Most wealthy families,there wasn't more to him than work,
But that was before Friday,March the 5th,when he
Had bumped into a girl who was named Kimberly McGee,
A new intern who came to his company to work.

Then suddenly,after they've looked at each other's eyes and
Noticed that their true love was right where they stand,
Spencer had placed his hands on top of Kimberly's,took
A deep breath and invited her to take a look
At some art by a new artist named Richard Strand.

Just then,after they had arrived at the park where
Richard Strand was showing his artwork,something had happened there--
And that something was the start of raindrops causing everyone
To run out of the park and Spencer to call one
Of the cabs to take them to the Building Flair.

And then,after they've walked into the penthouse apartment,Spencer
Had asked Kimberly to have some lunch with him.After
She accepted the invitation,Kimberly went into the bedroom to
Remove her wet clothes,only to have Spencer agree to
Do the same thing and place himself next to her.

And while the rain was still pouring outside,the lovers
Were still enjoying one of the most erotic experience ever
In New York City history.Then,after a few minutes
Of sensual pleasure,they've slept within their arms,while it
Was still rainning outside,for they've just experienced passion's weather.