Their New Games Master

By:Andrew Troy Keller

Bruce Stockwell has been a crossword puzzle freak ever since he was in high school and was unable to think of anything else except the crossword puzzles in the daily newspaper,which--of course--hasn't given him much of a life.

But that was about to change,for on Friday,March the 5th,while he was walking home from work,a strange glow of light had appeared from out of nowhere and hovered itself over him.

And then,just as he was about to run away from the scene,a strange ray beam had froze Bruce in his tracks and lifted him up to the strange spacecraft,before it has zoomed it's way out of the Earth's atmosphere.

Just then,while the UFO was streaking it's way across the vast cosmos towards it's final destination,a confused Bruce had began to wonder what has he done to deserve becoming a UFO abductee.

Then suddenly,after the spacecraft has finally arrived at it's home planet and it's crew has escourted Bruce over to an enormous building,he was surprised to discover that the planet's entire population has been cheering and welcoming him to their planet.

That was when Bruce had asked why they were giving him a hero's welcome for something he hasn't done,only to discover that they were welcoming their new games master to his new home.

But then,just as he was about to object,he was introduced to a beautiful young woman who has became his games mistress.