Title: Demon Lust

Authors: Niaka and DragonSapphire

Rating: R

Disclaimer: All characters are property of Niaka. She just lets me play with them. ^_^ Do not use without her permission.

Warnings: Slight profanity, violence, sex, twincest, and slash. If you are underage, are uncomfortable with any of these subjects, or just not a fan of male/male relationships, please do not continue.


Some background info about the characters before you get started:

Name: Katan Valk

Bird's name: Valkon

Age: Unknown

Height/Weight: "6'0", 120 lbs Hair/Eyes: Red/Red

History: Katan was born in Holland with his brother Mio at about the same time. Even though they're twins, they have relatively no physical similarities. Both their parents were demons so both of them are full demons as well. Once Katan was 16, he became the General of the World's largest army. With his brother, they defeated every enemy that opposed them - Katan having the incredible sixth sense and Mio being a tactical genius. Once the army was disbanded they, kept to their human forms and started a demon slaying group which consisted of the worlds best demon slayers. But none of the students had yet to realize about the twins. Katan, with the help of his bird Valkon, are very skilled fighters. Katan is a weapons master, he can handle almost every weapon in the world while Valkon is an aerodynamic overhead scout. They are both so completely in tune with each other that each sound Valkon makes Katan can understand and vice versa.

Weapons: Almost anything.

Other Information: He's hot tempered and only let's loose completely with his brother Mio. He's an overactive Pyro.

Name: Mio Wolv

Wolf's name: Wolven

Age: Unknown

Height/ Weight: "5'11", 118 lbs Hair/Eyes: Blue/Gold

History: Mostly same as Katan's but with twists. Mio was the tactician and second-in-command of the army. He is the tactical genius with an IQ off the charts. After disbanding, he took up smoking and also began his work with masks. He is one of the best illusionists around. He can also communicate with Wolven through sounds, but he can send messages to Katan through the brain.

Weapons: Just about anything.

Other information: He smokes a lot. Every type of matter he touches or is around can take the shape of a wolf.


Katan sat in a low tree branch staring through the trees at the steadily rising sun. The kids wouldn't wake up for another few hours, so he had his only real silence of the day to enjoy. Katan's pointed ears twitched as he heard softly approaching footsteps. A pair of strong arms wrapped around his waist and warm breath caressed his ear. "I don't see how you can wake up this early, brother-mine. I'm still half asleep." The smoky breath he had become used to invaded his sense of smell as a small smirked played at his face.

"Just instinct, dear brother," Katan's hands came back to rest on his brother's thighs. "And you know... you're always sleeping in. I could be doing just about anything in that time." A mischievous smirk crossed his face. Katan could sense the smirk his brother mirrored.

"And what kind of things would you do to your poor, defenseless brother while he's unaware?"

"Hmmm... I can think of a few good things...." Katan smiled up at him and shifted on the branch so he was facing his brother. "But to tell you the truth a branch has never been one of the places I've thought about..." Mio ran his eyes along the limb thoughtfully.

"It might be possible, if we go at it at the right angle," he paused, a calculating look overcoming his gold eyes for a moment, and nodded. "I believe it could be done, as long as you don't stray towards the end of the branch." His eyes sparkled as he came out of soldier-mode. "Are you willing to take the risk?"

"You know I'm a risk taker....but," Katan leaned closer, running his hands down Mio's back as he placed his lips softly against Mio's and spoke. "You...might...not...be... as...lucky." His hands dug into a pouch and within seconds Mio's hands were tied down to the branch.

"H-hey! That was dirty! Didn't even give me a chance..." Mio pouted and strained slightly against the restraints, being careful not to move too much lest the tree give out under the extra weight.

"Maybe you'll get a chance, just maybe," Katan leaned forward to nuzzle Mio's neck and nip tenderly at the flesh. He traced his tongue up along his firm jaw line till he got to his mouth and sucked on the bottom lip roughly.

Mio moaned softly and the other man took the opportunity to slip his tongue inside and explore the wet cavern. Katan unraveled the scarf that was completely surrounding the most part of Mio's neck and tied it to the tree while leaning to the newly exposed flesh and tracing the bar code that was imprinted there. Mio arched his slender neck in order to give his brother better access. Katan nibbled the pale column of skin and trailed his tongue down to lap at the moisture that was beginning to collect in the indent of his collarbone.

Katan pulled down the zipper of the shirt and was thankful for once that it was there. Mio had worn something a little different then his normal flame shirt which, in this situation, made him relieved.

"You're one point up..." he murmured while one hand trailed down Mio's smooth chest, getting rougher in his sensitive areas. His other hand made it's way to Mio's hands and undid one.

Mio wiggled his hand, impatient to feel the hard softness of Katan's toned muscles beneath his fingers and return the passionate touches. He immediately moved to undo Katan's clothing, but was stopped by a firm grip on his wrist.

"Impatient are we..." Katan lowered his mouth to Mio's chest just over the tattoo of a wolf paw print and licked his way down slowly and in a torturous manner. Eventually, he released his hold on Mio's hand so both his hands could rest on Mio's hips, tracing closer and closer yet deliberately missing.

Mio threaded his fingers through Katan's flaming red hair and arched his back, the rough texture of the branch digging into his skin. He bucked against Katan's hands, and immediately forced himself to stop as the tree creaked threateningly beneath them. Katan paused and looked up into Mio's eyes.

"Will it break?" He didn't really wait for an answer as he spread his hands over Mio's lower abdomen and nipped roughly on Mio's sensitive ears. Mio clenched his eyes shut and tried to focus on something besides what his brother was doing with those delicious hands of his.

"Ngh...I-I don't think it will break, but I will if you don't touch me!" Katan chuckled softly and reached for Mio's belt.

"Touch me... I give you permission," he undid the belt and let it lay with the scarf and shirt.

Who was Mio to go against a direct order? He swiftly pulled Katan tight against his own body and ground their hips together, desperate for any kind of friction where he had been denied.

Katan adjusted to his new position, not even phased by the sudden contact. He rolled his hips against Mio's and watched in pleasure as he shuddered. He traced his tongue against Mio's earlobe and whispered seductively, "It's alright to be rough with me."

Mio groaned in answer and dug his sharp nails into Katan's back. He tilted his head and caught the red-head's mouth with his own. Katan opened his mouth slightly and allowed his brother entrance, their tongues twining together and exploring already well-known territory. A familiar battle broke loose, general against second-in-command, but it was an already won battle. Katan broke away and removed the belt from his shoulder and then the shirt that hid his bar code from view. Mio was all too willing to surrender, but not without a fight. His free hand was quick to undo the fastenings on Katan's pants - which he was able to execute without thought from a lifetime of practice, and pulled them down past his slender hips.

Katan smirked. Mio was so impatient, even with one hand. He worked his way to Mio's pants and pulled them down as well, hanging both of them on the tree branch behind them. They'd be so screwed if someone woke up right about now, but they still had roughly around an hour left. Mio wrapped his powerful legs around Katan's waist and pulled him closer. He sighed at the electric feeling of smooth skin-on-skin contact and buried his face in the space between Katan's neck and shoulder. If anyone accidently happened to see them at that moment, Mio didn't think he'd be able to stop anyway.

Katan chuckled, his eyes roaming over to the camp. His in-depth hearing making sure no one was up. Satisfied that they would not be discovered, he placed his hands firmly on Mio's hips and guided himself to the puckered entrance, thrusting in effortlessly. His head rested against Mio's shoulder as he ground his teeth together and began a slow and torturous pace. Mio, luckily, was still loose from the night before, so his brother's hard member met with little resistance. He quaked beneath Katan and arched upwards, inviting the other man to move faster and harder inside him.

The branch creaked slightly as Katan quicken his pace and he let his tongue and teeth graze over the sensitive flesh below Mio's ear. Katan's hand wandered to the flesh trapped in between their bellies and stroked in time to his thrusts. Mio let out a keening growl and bit down sharply on Katan's shoulder, almost but not quite drawing blood. Katan began running tentative circles down Mio's stomach with one hand. Being a multitasker was wonderful. He moved his lips so that he was now fully kissing the other man. His tongue ran along Mio's teeth and lips until finally he plummeted further into his mouth, moving his tongue in rhythm with other cadences that were going on.

Mio couldn't control his trembling as his body was assaulted from many areas at once. The hand that was still restricted by string jerked against the bindings and cut into the tender flesh of his wrist. The pain only heightened the pleasure and soon his stomach was clenching as it signaled his quickly approaching release. Katan growled in the back of his throat and pumped his fist a few more times in rapid succession, sending Mio over the edge as he slumped back against the tree releasing into Katan's awaiting hand. Katan thrust a few more times before bearing his release as well. He growled again as he braced himself against the tree and lowered himself over Mio, resting forehead to forehead.

They stayed like that for a long moment, all other sounds masked by their labored breathing. Mio nuzzled his face into the red-headed's neck and Katan was sure that if he had a tail, it would be wagging furiously. He pulled his head away from Mio's shoulder when he heard a low screech in the distance.

"It's time..." Katan reluctantly pulled himself out of Mio and began putting on his pants, shirt, numerous belts, while handing Mio his.

Mio frowned at the emptiness left inside of him when he was no longer one with his brother and pulled on his shirt and scarf. Katan was already dressed by the time he moved to put on his pants.

"Come on, slowpoke! Hurry before someone sees us out here like this," Katan admonished. Mio contemplated delaying his brother further, wondering with morbid curiosity what would happen if some unlucky person were to happen upon them. Katan growled as his brother smirked about something that couldn't possibly be good.

"Come on," Valkon landed on Katan's shoulder and screeched in agreement. "Do you want to be seen naked in a tree?" Katan smirked, "We'll fuck later..." The blue-haired man's own smirk widened into a grin.

"Now who's the impatient one?" Mio knew his brother would eventually just throw him out of the tree if he got too annoyed by his teasing and quickly finished dressing. "Happy now?"

"Indeed," Katan's lips twitched and he hoisted the sub-machine gun that had been laying against the tree over his shoulder, startling the bird and giving it cause to take flight. "I could've threatened you with this, but then again, it's more fun to see what you say..." Katan's attention moved to an albino boy that emerged slowly from one of the tents. The cloth cover his eyes gave off a sort of creepy feel.

His attention turned to Katan and Mio, his ever stoic expression in place before he turned and walked to the fire pit. Katan watched the boy walk to the fire pit and felt the poke at his shoulder. He turned his head slightly to look into Mio's bright eyes.

"What?" Mio smirked and placed his hands on Katan's shoulder.

"You think he heard?" Katan almost fell over from the suddenness of the comment. Then burst out laughing.

"I hope not! Otherwise we'd have some explaining to do." Mio placed his mouth near Katan's ear, his hot breath blowing softly against the outer shell.

"Maybe we should ask him to join us one of these days." Katan threw him a sharp glace; he was clearly not amused. Mio raised both of his hands in an unconscious position of surrender and flashed him a broad, disarming grin.

"I doubt he even would - I have a strange feeling he's asexual. How about that Ichizo kid?" Katan growled, his teasing nature rising to meet his brother's.

"You mean the one with the bushy hair and goggles?" Katan nodded. "I didn't think he was your type...."

"He's not really. Too carefree. He just looks at me sometimes and I get a feeling he might have a thing for me....Watch out, you might have some competition," Katan smirked and ducked under Mio, running off towards the fire pit where they ate breakfast every morning.

"Feh, as if he has anything on me," Mio crossed his arms over his chest and stared after his brother. He gave Katan a few seconds head start and then took off after him. // I may have to have a word with that kid. No one can look at Katan like that other than me.//


An essentric girl ran out of her tent at the exact moment Mio went past causing her to ram into him hard, leaving her to fall to her butt.

"Kyaa!" Her fiery red hair moved from side to side as she pushed herself off the ground. "Mio-san! I'm so sorry, my sisters left me alone and I was trying to catch up with them and I didn't see you running and I was sorta, I'm so sorry!"

Mio gaped up at her as she rambled on, and blinked as he tried to process what the heck she was babbling on about. He picked himself off the ground and flashed her a charming grin as he brushed himself off.

"Hey, it's all right, ojou-san. Are you hurt at all?"

"No, no I'm fine! I take a lot worse from you and Katan-san in practice and training," A light blush crossed her cheeks as she looked to the ground. "I--- I got to go Mio-san! See you at breakfast!" she yelled while struggling to remain standing.

Mio looked after her as she hurried off and shook his head. Girls were so weird. He ran his hand through his thick azure locks and figured Katan would be wondering where he was by now. It was best not to keep the general waiting, and besides, Mio was famished after that morning's....exercise.

~Over at the fire pit~

"Katan-san, when does training start today..." It wasn't really a question - just a line of emotionlessness from the stoic albino who probably had the best potential out of the whole group.

"Same time as yesterday," Katan looked around the group and sighed.

The usual four girls were huddled together, the albino sat apart from the rest, and the ferret kid was laying on the ground looking at him from the corner of his eyes. The other kids - the new recruits that they had just picked up a few weeks ago - sat further back, then behind all of them was an eleven year old kid - the oddest one of the group. When Katan finished with his observations, he looked up and noticed Mio approaching.

Mio raised a hand in greeting and Katan nodded in return. The blue- haired man joined his brother's side and glanced over the students, also noticing Ichizo staring at Katan. He glared at the boy until his green eyes left Katan and locked onto his own simmering amber ones. Katan saw the exchange and sighed. Something told him he was going to have a long day. Maybe he could go into town....meet up in the bar with that two toned hair dude again. See if he could drink more then him. Booze would be nice today... Or maybe a nice relaxing fuck... Both were good. Katan didn't even realize the eyes that drifted towards him when he began to smirk and chuckle softly.

His brother elbowed him sharply in the ribs and muttered to him out of the side of his mouth, "Quit it. They probably already think we're insane enough as is. You don't need to confirm their suspisions." Katan's smirk faltered and was replaced by a hard glare, as if to make up for his loss of face. However, his long time lover and companion caught the faint blush dusting the bridge of his slender nose. The child in the corner titled his head as his eyes grew wide and he turned away. Katan looked over to Mio and smiled.

"Eh... you want to go to town tonight? There's a break, too, so we can have some fun...Booze would be great," Katan whispered softly under his breath after motioning for the kids to get up and get their food. Mio waited until he was sure all of the kids were out of eye and hearing range before he answered, his hand discretely brushing the front of Katan's pants.

"Know what else would be great?" he purred, his light-colored eyes darkening slightly. Katan was just about to respond before they were interrupted by a cold voice.

"Excuse me, Katan-san?" Mio's eyes widened and he jumped away from Katan, his hand clutching his chest as he swore loudly.

"Uhhhh, yeah?" Katan responded slowly, his crimson eyes showing no emotion whatsoever, but his voice was a little lower then usual. His gaze flickered to Mio quickly before returning to the one who had spoken.

The white-haired boy, Chaleon, didn't say anything for a moment, and Mio took a second to quickly analyze the recruit. He, like many others, thought Chaleon was blind due to the fact his eyes were always covered by a thick cloth. He nearly jumped out of his skin a second time when the boy turned his face toward him. He could have *sworn* he was looking directly into his eyes. The albino, unfazed by his edgy teacher, said in an icy voice, still talking to Kalan, "I would like to speak with you. Alone." Mio almost growled at the slight emphasis on the last word, but Kalan placed a firm hand on his shoulder and stilled his tongue.

"Go ahead, I'm sure you're hungry," his eyes took on a mischievous glint for a splint-second, and he turned back to his student, clearly dismissing his second-in-command.

Katan followed Chaleon to a small sheltered area a little ways outside the fire pit area and looked back at the albino boy, taking in his appearance. The dragon tattoo on that bare, pale chest was always so amusing.

"So what did you want to talk about?" Katan asked slowly, leaning against a tree. Chaleon mimicked his stance and 'looked' directly into the older man's face. The boy placed his hands on his narrow hips and spoke slowly and deliberately.

"Lessons... I want extra lessons." Katan sighed, expecting a completely different conversation.

"What kind of lessons?" Chaleon supposedly 'looked' at him oddly and his lips moved so slowly - it was actually quite alluring.

"Training, fighting, whatever it takes to graduate as soon as possible." Katan grabbed Chaleon's shoulder and felt the muscles tense and the slight body shiver.

"After the weekend, I'll think about it. We might be able to do something - you're already the best we've ever seen. We might make an exception," Katan released Chaleon and brushed past him back to the camp where Mio stood.

Mio had his arms folded across his chest and a burning cigarette dangled from his lips as the fingers of his right hand tapped his left bicep impatiently. The tightness at the corners of his mouth conveyed his annoyance at having been dismissed so abruptly. He raised a blue eyebrow at Katan and waited for an explanation. Katan hid his grin from his brother and walked past him without as much glancing his way. Mio was really too jealous for his own good.

"Okay everyone, I've decided today to be a day off. I'm far too stressed out for my own good, I pushed you hard all week, and we did put in an extra day last week so you can do whatever the hell you want today and tomorrow. We get back to work on Sunday," Katan crossed his arms and headed towards their cabin, not even caring about the replies he would get from the statement.

The students gaped after their teacher for a moment, almost unable to comprehend this abrupt turn-around. Their shocked silence lasted for only about a second before the air was filled with boisterous cheers and running feet. The kids were eager to start their free time as soon as possible and distance themselves from their red-headed sensei, lest he change his mind. Mio stood where he was for a long moment and then started off in the direction Katan went, crushing the cigarette beneath his boot heel . His brother was acting very strange that day and he planned to find out why.


Katan grabbed some money, a few daggers that were laying around, and a pistol. He paused when heard approaching footsteps and looked behind him to see Mio.

"We're going to town for a bit." Mio's hand shot out and gripped Katan's arm tightly.

"We need to talk." Katan only heard that tone of voice when his brother was either truly upset, or about to kill someone. Katan sincerely hoped it was the former. He shrugged his arm out of his brother's strong grasp and adjusted his holster, placing the pistol snugly inside.

"There's nothing to talk about. We are leaving. Now," Katan headed out of the cabin and started his walk towards the center of the forest where he let his long silver and blood red wing appear, the cords coiling and meeting to form a more precise wing.

Mio growled and clenched his fist, his short nails digging into his flesh forming small crescent indents. He was seeing Katan's backside far too often lately, and not necessarily in a good way. Katan sighed - he could practically feel the anger rolling off his brother.

"We'll talk at the bar. So let's get going," Katan's wing twitched and a few more coils shot out.

Mio bit down sharply on his bottom lip to stop the acidic remark that was about to spill from his mouth. He dimly noted that almost all of his strong emotions were somehow tied to pain, and let the copper taste of his own blood flood his mouth as white teeth broke skin. He reveled in the pain he could control. He was unable to deal with the emotional anguish caused (unknowingly) by the one who owned him completely - body, mind, and soul.

Katan sighed and took a few steps closer to Mio until they were only inches apart. Katans arms moved slowly to embrace the other and pull him closer to his body. "There's nothing to worry about..."

The golden-eyed man stiffened in his brother's arms and tried to pull away. Katan tightened his hold and continued to restrain Mio until he ceased struggling and finally gave in to the strong embrace. He wanted to be mad at Katan, he really did, but he knew it was impossible to do anything other than love the insufferable bastard, especially when he spoke so gently and held him like he was his only lifeline to this world.

"Let's go....There's someone we have to meet. He expects me," Katan pulled away and placed a soft kiss on Mio's lips, tasting the coppery blood that lingered there. "Will you join me?"

Mio sighed and pressed his forehead against Katan's, letting their breath mingle for a moment before replying, "For you, my dear brother, I'd follow you to hell and back." Katan chuckled and placed a light kiss on Mio's nose. "Let us hope it doesn't come down to that, brother-mine. Now, let's go?" Mio nodded and untangled himself from the red-head's tight embrace, already missing the intoxicating warmth of the other's body. Mio's transparent wing formed as they both took off to the skies. Katan's hand snuck out to wrap his fingers around Mio's as they soared for a while before the city came into view.