Title: Demon Lust

Authors: Niaka and DragonSapphire

Rating: R

Disclaimer: All characters are property of Niaka. She just lets me play with them. ^_^ Do not use without her permission.

Warnings: Profanity, violence, sex, twincest, and slash. If you are underage, are uncomfortable with any of these subjects, or just not a fan of male/male relationships, please do not continue.


A/N: I just wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to read this, and especially to those of you who have left wonderful reviews. It's very much appreciated - thank you!


Icy wind howled through the trees and an answering call echoed throughout the forest. The sky showed the beginning signs of orange and red tints as the sun rose gracefully from its slumber. The stars that had specked the velvet darkness only a few moments before winked out of sight as the oncoming light of a new day encompassed their pinpoint brightness.

Mio sighed as he puffed on his cigarette, the pale wispy smoke intertwining with the early morning mist. Wolven rested his head against the man's thigh as Mio gently scratched the large wolf behind his ears. He watched as the orange mixed with the blue over the mountains, contrasting with the different coloured leaves that fell to the cold ground.

He flicked the ashes off the end of the burning paper, briefly picturing a bear telling him that only he could prevent forest fires, before snickering and imagining said bear being shredded into thousands of bloody pieces by his loyal wolf. His skin prickled from the frosty morning air, but he made no move to don the warmer trench coat which he instead used as a barrier from the wet foliage on the hard earth.

Mio sat back and rested his head against a tree with a smirk. He remembered when he was younger and he had drawn a picture at the orphanage with many vibrant coloured bubbles. One of the older kids had asked if he was on acid and if he saw things. Well, that little blue deer hadn't left him yet.

His smile stretched when he recalled what Katan had done to that kid afterwards. He could still picture the boy limping suspiciously for several days and how his eyes would widen in terror as he would bolt like a frightened rabbit each time he spotted either Katan or Mio. The cheerful expression faltered when Mio remembered that he was still supposed to be upset with his twin.

Wolven lifted his head off his master's lap as the wind changed direction strangely. Mio looked up to see an eight-winged angel gently kissed by the morning's first rays of light....the one from before. He watched warily as the man landed, his robe falling from his shoulders as his long hair whisked in the wind.

"I always get my prize...."

Mio ruffled the rough fur on the wolf's neck and extinguished the cigarette on the granular surface of a large stone that had been planted next to the tree. He unhurriedly rose from the ground in one fluid motion and brushed away the dirt off his clothes. His golden eyes reflected the light cast from the rising sun, causing them to shine with an unearthly glow.

"Well, I can't say it's a pleasure meeting up with you again."

Ice blue eyes shone white in the sunlight as the Fallen angel arched his neck. His lips parted as he looked over to the other man. "The pleasure's all mine...." He walked forward towards Mio before Wolven jumped at him in which he easily dodged the great beast.

"If I recall, you wanted me...."

Mio all but snarled, "The hell I do!" He glanced over to his wolf before leaning nonchantly against the tree and crossing his arms over his chest, giving the appearance of being relaxed but all the while on guard. Anything that could face one of Wolven's direct attacks and come out unscathed was practically unheard of.

This man was dangerous.

"Do you fear me, Mio-kun?" He let out a small laugh and tilted his head back slightly, watching the blue-haired demon from the corner of his eyes. "We have company...." his hand flew up as a golden ray of light shot out of his fingers straight into the sky. Mio's ears strained as he picked up on an agitated curse and the quick movement of a wing.

Mio clenched his fists as he heard a distant thud somewhere out in the forest and almost charged at the Fallen angel that stood smirking before him.

"What the hell did you just do?!"

The man said nothing, only gave him an infuriating grin that Mio was seriously considering knocking off of his face - if only it wasn't for the fact the other man could probably kick his ass to hell and back before he even took two steps.

Mio moved backwards as the man advanced on him. His back encountered the tree that he had been sitting under earlier and forced his face to remain stoic as the angel placed his hands to either side of his head.

"Do you know it's a sin for an angel to make any advances on other beings? Just being pure *all* the time....But since it's me, I like to sin as much as possible. It shows that everyone has their own feelings and can do what they want. It's their decision - nobody has to be controlled if they don't want to.

"You could fight me, but why don't you? It's a decision you made to back up and it was my decision to rebel and become Fallen....or otherwise be forced to fall. But all that falls must rise...." The angel leaned his weight against the blue-haired demon and wrapped his long black wings in a semicircle around them.

Mio pressed harder against the tree, the semi-familiar, rough texture of the bark digging uncomfortably into his back. He felt helpless at that moment. His emotions were a chaotic mess and it took all of his control to not push the man away and run even though he knew he'd never make it more than a few feet. He became nervous when he remembered how the Fallen angel had been able to overpower him so easily at the bar.

And more than a little angry.

Mio's eyes widened as he saw one of those graceful hands pull back. He shut his eyes instinctively, waiting for the blow. He opened them into gold slits when he felt the air rip violently against their bodies and the ground tremble below them. He sensed rather then saw the massive amount of compressed air heading towards something behind the angel and then his eyes widened.

The trees had completely split and to the left of them stood a bloodied Katan. His eyes were dark crimson, the blood from his forehead flowing in to one eye that was half-closed. The cords on his wing had disappeared and were replaced by bone. His elongated canines pierced into his lower lip as he growled violently.

It was then that Mio saw the big gaping hole in Katan's left shoulder.

Mio forgot all about his fear at that instant and roughly broke away from the Fallen angel, running towards his mortally wounded but impossibly still standing twin.

"Katan! I--" he was cut off by Katan's surprisingly calm voice that warred with his furious expression.

"Leave now. I want you get as far away from here as you can. No matter what happens, don't turn back. Do. You. Understand." Mio made to protest, but his brother cut him of with a vicious snarl.

"Don't argue with me for once, Mio! Go to Dagger's, or his cousin's. Don't go back home - I want you to be safe. Now go!" Katan growled, a small trickle of blood falling from his mouth. He turned towards the angel and growled again.

Mio took one last look back before whistling to Wolven and taking off into the sky, Wolven disappearing like the wind.

Katan snarled as he took a step forward. "Now you fucker...."

The Fallen angel's mouth turned down disapprovingly as he regarded Katan cooly. "Oh my. How terribly annoying...."

Katan watched with hawk-like eyes as the other man adjusted the loose robe that fell off his shoulders, exposing the pale flesh and intricate tattoos that decorated his elegant neck. His golden-tipped wings stretched out behind him as he made sure nothing was out of place.

"Is perfection your only trait?" Katan smirked as he tried to straighten, but failed miserably. //Damn...!// He started to pant as he watched some of his blood flow down his taut skin. He had to admit that he had lost a lot of blood, even for a demon. "Who the hell are you...."

The angel raised an eyebrow and lifted a slender hand to tuck a few strands of auburn hair that had come loose from his ponytail behind an ear.

"Hmm, no. Not my only trait, but one I'm fairly proficient at, wouldn't you think?" Katan snarled in disgust at the other man's arrogance, although he probably had reason to be.

"As for who I am - I don't believe your diminutive brain would even begin to be able to grasp the concept of what I am," he smirked at Katan beneath hooded eyes, and tapped his lips with one finger. "But you can call me Sevi."

"Sevi? What kind of shit name is that!" Katan yelled running towards Sevi and throwing a punch which was easily caught and twisted behind his back painfully.

"It's short for Sevithofell, angel of destruction, and guardian of Sin. It would now be Sevithofer, but when I believe you could grasp such a name would be the day I regain both thrones of this world," Sevi smiled, pushing more weight into his hold which caused Katan to whimper and fall to his knees.

"G-go to hell!" Katan spat and he heard some of the bones in his hand start to snap.

"Oh, but I have been, dear one. Why don't I show you?"

Katan's world exploded in pain.


Birds scattered into the air from perches in their trees as an ear splitting scream permeated the otherwise silent forest. Ichizo burst from his slumber at the yell and grabbed his scythe immediately - it was about time to put his training to use! Before he even knew it, Chaleon was there by his side with his own scythe. They nodded at each other and ran to the disturbance, one afraid and the other excited.


From their mental link, Mio could clearly feel the echoing agony transmitted from his brother and he cried out as his muscles twisted and convulsed, causing him to plummet towards the earth at a blinding speed. At the last second, his transparent wing snapped out and caught a gale of wind, cushioning the otherwise fatal impact he would have experienced.


Chaleon got to the scene before Ichizo and gaped - the metallic scent of blood was everywhere and the power radiating from the center of the clearing was astounding. He could clearly sense Ichizo running up behind him and tightened his grip on his scythe. The sight before him was sickening, but not unexpected.

He had learned Katan was a demon from Nobuo, but it still shocked him to see the man he idolized and occasionally lusted over broken and bleeding as a too-handsome man dropped his mentor's broken arms to the ground. The limbs were bloodied and bruised, and more than one or two bones had punctured skin.

Katan curled in around himself, his dulled scarlet eyes opened almost painfully wide as his body began to go into shock. Sevi bent over at the waist and wiped his gore-stained hands on the remains of Katan's incinerated shirt. His slender nose crinkled in faint disgust as the odor of burning flesh and hair met his nostrils. He straightened his back and passively surveyed the destruction wrought by a mere fraction of his power. The glacial eyes fell on two figures observing the scene from a distance.

He smiled.

"I never suspected this as a first assignment...." Ichizo laughed nervously, gripping his scythe harder. "He's powerful. I never thought it would be like this....." Chaleon smirked sidelong at him and Ichizo shivered at the foreign gesture.

The albino reached up and untied the white cloth from his eyes. He opened them both up to show two dark red eyes, each one screaming bloodlust. He licked his lips, pulling the large bulky scythe off his back and twisting it around in front of him.

"Shinigami...." He traced his hand down the metal part of his scythe, nodding once in a wordless signal towards Ichizo who did the same, both weapons ready for action.

Sevi laughed outright and turned towards the two boys. "Nothing more than children with sticks," he said mockingly. "You can't possibly think of taking me on, do you?"

The unruly brunette with the goggles shifted his weapon from one hand to the other while the albino just observed him. The Fallen angel noticed that they were serious and snorted disdainfully.

"I have no time to play with you children. You'd do best to be on your way before you get hurt."

"What makes you think you're so great?" Ichizo cocked his head to the side with a bit of a self-confidant smirk.

"There are more of us than you think," Chaleon whispered softly, his eyes turning yellow for a minute before he blinked it away confused. He slid out one of his darts and twirled it with his slender white fingers. "More than you think...."

Sevi shook his head and turned his back on the pair. He had already wasted enough time ridding himself of that intriguing blue-haired demon's sibling - he wanted to get back to hunting him before he was forced to return to the shadowy abyss of Archer's mind.

He gave Katan's broken body one last glance before he extended his multiple wings and prepared to take flight. He didn't look back again as he took off into the sky.

Sevi swerved sharply as he felt a dart fly straight past his head, only a bare centimeter off its target. The albino was good, too good for most humans. No matter. He was a fly that could easily be swatted but Sevi didn't want to waste the energy to deal with him.

After the Fallen angel was gone, Ichizo ran over to Katan's bloodied, motionless figure and attempted to turn him over. "Chaleon help me!"

With their combined effort, Katan was turned over onto his back. Both Chaleon and Ichizo were horrified by the unbelievable amount of damage the demon had sustained.

"How can he still be alive....?" Ichizo carefully lifted one swollen eyelid and peered into the dark eye. It was so dilated that only a sliver of crimson was discernable around the edges of the enlarged pupil.

"Should we bring him back to camp or try to....I don't know. We can't call a hospital. Maybe he has some contacts or something on his com device?" Ichizo asked checking the hole in Katan's shoulder and wincing.

He looked back to Chaleon who had tied his white cloth back over his eyes.

"Do what you want. I'm going after the thing that was able to do this to Katan-san." Ichizo gaped up at the albino in disbelief.

"Are you outta your mind?! If he could nearly kill Katan, what makes you think *you* stand a chance?" Chaleon shrugged and settled the scythe on his back.

"You asshole! You can do whatever you want when you graduate, but now I need your help! Why would you throw your life away!" Ichizo stood up and glared at the other man.

Chaleon grabbed him by his collar and wrenched him up off his feet.

"Go call his little buddies. They can heal him while I go after the thing that attacked Katan. It might try to come back and it is a duty. Don't ever try to get in my way again," he dropped Ichizo on his butt as he broke out at a run through the forest.

"Bastard...." Ichizo muttered as he crawled to his knees and knelt over Katan's unconscious form. He needed help right now. Ichizo was certain not even the demon's regenerative abilities would keep him alive for very long.

"Damn you...." he angrily swiped a tear away from his face as he searched for Katan's com, praying that by some miracle it was still intact.

He wasn't certain who he was angry at - Chaleon for leaving him when he needed his help, that monster for hurting Katan, Katan for nearly getting killed in the first place, or himself because he was practically useless at the moment.

Finding the com device still working, he thanked all the gods plus a few more for good measure. "Let's see....Dagger, Archer, Vapour, Seinyu....hmm last guy sounds good - at least he's not a weapon, position or whatever," he waited as the com device started to ring and a polite voice answered on the other side.

"Hello?" Ichizo smiled softly in relief when he heard the voice and said what he needed to say. The reply was more than he could ask for, "I'll get Wingless to come and pick him up...."

Ichizo ended the conversation with the man and put the device in one of his pockets. He settled himself next to Katan and notice him shivering. He almost smacked himself on the forehead for being so careless. He immediately removed the novelty kimono from his shoulders and laid it on top of the demon's rapidly cooling body. The wet ground he was laying on probably didn't help any, but Ichizo didn't want to move the man in case his spine or neck was seriously injured, and shifting him could possibly cause permanent paralysis.

Ichizo almost jumped when he felt thin fingers on his shoulders.

"I am Wingless. My master asked me to take you to him." Ichizo nodded as he looked towards the lovely lavender-haired man. He felt one hand still on his shoulder, the other grasping onto Katan's arm.

A small light appeared before Ichizo's eyes and he was in a dark room lit only by a single candle. As his eyes adjusted, he noticed the other man was gone and the room he was left in was spectacular. Katan was already lying on tall canopy bed with what appeared to be silk sheets. The room was Victorian in style but tastefully modernized and serviceable. His musings were interrupted by a tall man that entered the room with a bow of his head.

"You must be the man that contacted me. I'm Seinyu," he bowed again and walked over to Katan's side, inspecting the wounds deliberately.

He clucked his tongue softly and motioned for Ichizo to stand next to him. "You, boy, come here. I need to get some supplies. I want you to start removing what's left of Katan's clothing so I can treat him properly. I'll be back shortly." The man left the room and Ichizo began carrying out his orders right away.

He winced as he peeled a piece of charred cloth from Katan's chest, taking some skin with it. He felt a hand on his shoulder as he continued to unwrap as gently as he could, already guessing who it belonged to.

"I must thank you for calling me. If you would have called my cousin, I'm afraid nothing would have been done." Seinyu quietly opened a jar of what appeared to be clear liquid and placed the bandages to soak inside of it.

Ichizo blinked at the man and answered uncertainly. "Um, yeah, sure. So what's that?" he motioned towards the container.

"Oh, this?" Ichizo nodded. Seinyu smiled and wiped a damp cloth across Katan's bloodied abdomen. "This is demon saliva."

Ichizo blinked a few times more before answering.

"Is it yours?"

All Ichizo was awarded with was a smile. He noticed for the first time how well groomed the man was -everything about him screamed rich, insanely rich, wealthy, higher class! But he didn't even seem like it. Ichizo looked back over to the table and saw the tattered hat and poncho. "I am rich, but I give most of my money to people who need it. I'm fine with just the minimal things in life," Seinyu smiled, easily reading the other's mind.

Ichizo turned his head away from Seinyu to hide his frown from the other man. It made no sense - he was almost positive Seinyu was a demon. But he was so....good. He had grown up around the idea that all demons were selfish evil creatures who couldn't care less about anyone besides themselves. Heck, his job *was* killing demons. But this one was more decent then most humans he'd ever met.

Ichizo just shrugged. Whatever.

Seinyu tied the last bit of bandage on and frowned as blood still seeped through the white cloth.

"What happened to him?" Seinyu took one of the plush seats and pulled it closer to the bed. "Ah, yes. You can also stay the night if you wish."

Ichizo nodded his thanks and began recounting what he knew starting from when he and Chaleon had heard the scream from the forest. When he was finished, Seinyu had a closed look in his violet eyes as he walked over to one of the elaborate stained glass windows and stood staring out into the street.

Ichizo was itching with curiosity about what the man thought of all this, and was about to say something to get his attention, but Seinyu spoke before he had the chance. "This is not good at all....

"That man....I might...." Seinyu sighed and leaned against the wall looking over at Katan. "Once, along time ago, my cousin Dagger and I joined the 1,000 year demon tournament - a fight to the death between demons. Like all full demons, I was addicted to power. There was one man there - not a man; a child - with such pure blue eyes that he didn't look like he deserved to be a demon.

"He made it to the last round of the tournament where he and I fought for the title of the Strongest Demon of the Millennia. I won, but the kid had amazing potential. Since then, I haven't been active in demons' battles for many years now - being the strongest you don't need to worry about these things. But he'd be much older now...."

"....and you think the demon who attacked Katan is the same kid you fought those years ago?" Seinyu nodded approvingly at the boy's intellect.

"It's a possibility, but I wouldn't bet very much on it. After the tournament, I never saw the boy again. Normally, it wouldn't have mattered. However, I had taken an interest in him and was even going to offer to help improve his skills, but it was like he disappeared from the face of the earth.

"I really don't know about this," Seinyu sighed, sitting back down into his chair and running his hand against the velvet arm rest. "Something's not right and I intend to help with this." Seinyu then smiled softly, rising once more and walking to the door of the room.

"Would you like something to drink....umm, Ichizo-san?" Ichizo hid his concerned look and shook his head.

"No thank you, Seinyu-san. If it's all right with you, I'll just stay here with Katan-san." Seinyu inclined his head and rested a hand on the brass doorknob.

"Very well then. If you desire anything, you need only ask. Either Wingless or I will be in hearing distance - just shout if you change your mind."

A few minutes after Seinyu exited the room, Wingless entered with a tray of food and drinks.

"Ichizo-san, Seinyu-sama sent me to bring this to you. He said it might go unappreciated but I should do it anyway." Wingless bowed his head before walking back out.

Ichizo squinted noticing something different about the man.

Wingless stopped at the door when he felt the gaze on him. "What is it Ichizo-san?" He turned around, his lavender hair swishing with the movement.

"Why--what's different about you?" Ichizo leaned forward trying to get a good look at the other man, but all the colors seemed to mix.

"I'm not really here. Well, I am - the reason why you see me as wrong or different is this." Wingless put his hand in front of a candle he took from a small table to demonstrate how the flame was completely visible through his skin.

Ichizo stared at the hand wide-eyed, completely enraptured by the flame flickering behind the transparent limb. "What....are you...." he breathed in awe as Wingless placed his hand in his pocket and released Ichizo from his trance.

"I'm a person, like you, but I've lost a piece of myself that can never be returned. However incomplete I may be now, it was for an extremely important reason and I carry no resentment or regrets."

Ichizo gazed at the other man in silent awe. What had Wingless given up so that he would end up like this?

"I gave up my wings," Wingless said, answering the boy's unspoken question. "Everyone has them - most are just unaware. I sacrificed them unwittingly like some people do. Even so, my wish was too great and I gave up a little more than most and am now condemned.

"But since my special person is now happy, I'll live with it until we both die together," Wingless smiled sadly at the other man, crossing the room to sit down.

"This special person of yours....it's Seinyu-san, isn't it?" Wingless looked at the boy thoughtfully and turned his head to gaze out of the brightly decorated window, his green eyes taking on a distanced appearance.

"Is it that obvious?" Ichizo said nothing and waited for the man to continue.

"You heard his story - the fact that he's the strongest demon alive....He's also the Shinigami, The God of Death. Everyone who wins that tournament becomes one, but Seinyu-sama was the most powerful so he's Lucifer's right-hand man. He was an assassin, a cold blooded killer before I met him. He tried to kill me, but I wanted to change something, someone before I died, so I wished for the closest person to me and it happened to be him," Wingless tapped his fingers on the sill before continuing.

"Orphans who are thieves don't really have any friends - might as well pick the person who's going to kill you, right?" Wingless smiled mirthlessly before shivering. "I wanted to see....what was under the mask."

Ichizo looked at the man in disbelief.

"Are you saying that all you had to do was wish really hard and the vicious hound from hell was turned into a little baby kitten?" Wingless frowned at how trivial the boy made the entire ordeal seem, but nodded.

"I suppose, yes, in a basic sense of it. But there is so much more to it than can be explained properly...."

"A little baby kitten? Is that the first impression I made, Ichizo-kun?" Seinyu smiled, his blonde-black hair was loose and lay haphazardly over his left shoulder as he leaned against the wall. He wore what appeared to be a crimson robe, Ichizo noticed, as he walked slowly into the room, an amused smirk playing at his face. "Not even a sacrifice so great can destroy a Shinigami - Wingless just made me happy. Being a Guardian is still my duty." Seinyu frowned to himself as he pulled the black, spiked lower face mask out of his pocket and moved it around between his hands.

Ichizo had the decency to look slightly abashed, but only for a second before his attention wandered to the strange object Seinyu was holding. Seinyu noticed him looking at the mask and the corner of his mouth turned up in a barely perceptible smile.

"Not many people live to see me wearing this....Only one," Seinyu smiled as he leaned over to kiss Wingless's forehead. "I have to go out. Please notify me if anything happens, I have duties to do. I must also find a stray wolf boy." Seinyu's lips twitched as he pulled on the mask and his clothes changed to all black with spikes.

One of his violet eyes was covered, but the other one become a bright yellow surrounded by black. His multicolored hair was tied into a high ponytail. The scythe he carried looked even more menacing with the appearance of the black angel and demon wings.

Wingless gazed at the three wings protruding from the demon's back longingly for a second, before he shook himself from his reverence and met Seinyu's eye with his own concerned emerald ones.

"Be careful, alright?"

Seinyu smiled gently at the tender, soft-spoken words and inclined his head. "Of course, my dear friend. As always...."

Seinyu shot his hand out as a rip appeared in the air. "What worries should death have?" Seinyu pulled down his eye cover and stepped into the rip, disappearing from sight along with the rip.

Ichizo stared wide-eyed at the empty spot where Seinyu had just been. "Holy hell...."

"Indeed," Wingless stood up from the bed and straightened out his white dress shirt and dark pants. "There are a few things I must attend to now, so I trust you'll be fine by yourself?"

Ichizo, shrugging off the last remnants of awe, grinned at the diaphanous man and pushed his goggles further up on his head. "Sure thing! And besides, I'm not alone - I have Katan here with me, you know."

"As long as you don't molest him in his sleep, I'll be fine with leaving you with him," Wingless smiled, walking back over to the door and opening it. "Please remember to eat, and if he wakes, please call for me."

Wingless bowed his head before closing the door and striding away down the hall, to whatever business he had to do.

Ichizo blushed furiously at the comment and muttered something under his breath about those damned mind-reading demons. He scrubbed his burning cheeks with his gloved hands and released a noisy breath. He was suddenly exaughsted from all the excitement that morning and it wasn't even noon yet. He glanced at the plush chairs that were placed in various areas around the room, and then to large bed Katan was currently occupying.

Katan seemed to be twitching, which could have been a good thing. His lips were moving slowly as if almost in a chant. Ichizo sighed as he placed his forehead against the coolness of the window. "What's going on....?"

He shut his eyes and thumped his head lightly against the glass. He was too young for this kind of stuff! Here he was, a teenage demon slayer, feared by everything nasty and evil in the world, or at least would be in a few years, and he was in a demon's home, conversing with his nearly invisible lover-slash-butler, and worse yet - finding out is long-time crush and mentor was also one of the creatures he was supposed to destroy.

This day just kept getting better and better.

"What the hell is going on Wingless?!" Ichizo sat straight up in alarm, when he heard loud, harassed voices in the hallway. A red-haired man followed by a darker red-head were trailed by a calm Wingless.

"Dagger, calm down!" Wingless said softly before he was interrupted.

"Well screw you! I leave him alone and this is what happens. It's my friggin' fault!"

Vapour touched his shoulder briefly, but Dagger just shrugged him off. "Don't."

Vapour lowered his hand and schooled his features to remain neutral. It wasn't like his normally exuberant companion to be so upset, but then again, it wasn't everyday a friend was nearly killed by a mysterious dark angel that seemed to have almost unequalized god-like strength.

Seinyu tapped the door with his scythe as he leaned against it. "I brought in some more people that were connected with the problem. Duties done for today. Would you mind helping me out, Wingless?"

Wingless nodded as Seinyu left the room with him. A wild-eyed, blue- haired man was in the room within seconds.

Mio's amber eyes went wide at the sight of his pale brother in the dark sheets.

"Katan!" He pushed past the two red-haired demons and Ichizo, kneeling next to his very much abused twin and taking one scraped hand gently in his own, brushing the raw knuckles softly with his lips.

"Katan....I-I'm so sorry...." his voiced cracked as he strained to hold back the tears that were trying to escape. The other occupants room sensed that the two should be left alone and quietly departed.

When they diverged to the hallway, a small anarchical-looking group of people were already situated there, leaning against the walls talking quietly.

Back in the room, Mio had started to breakdown.

"I'm so sorry I left! I'm sorry I got angry...." He felt a small pressure on his hand, and his damp eyes darted up to meet barely opened crimson eyes.

"Don't be sorry...."

Mio had to stop himself from throwing himself on Katan and crushing him tightly against his chest, never letting him go again. The blue-haired man released what sounded like a cross between a laugh and a sob and rubbed the wetness from his cheeks.

"Damn you, Katan. That's the second time you've made me cry in less than twenty-four hours. I really am a bitch, aren't I?"

"You're not a bitch...." Katan tried to smile, but all that happened was a small twitch at the corners of his lips. "Where...?" He looked around the room and tried to squeeze Mio's hand tighter, but failed.

Mio gave him a watery smile and gently stroked Katan's limp auburn hair away from his face. "We're at Seinyu and Wingless's place. Ichizo found you after I....left...." Mio adverted his eyes and gripped Katan's hand harder. "Ichizo found you and called Wingless using your com, and you guys were dropped off here so you could be taken care of properly."

Katan smiled weakly before coughing hoarsely, blood dripping from the side of his mouth. "I'm....glad you're alright." He placed his hand on top of Mio's and tightened his hold as much as possible. "Thank them for me...." Katan's eyes darkened before closing and letting his head fall to the side.

"Ch', stupid idiot. Worrying about me...." Mio's voice thickened and he bit down hard on one palm as his breath stuttered, trying to stifle his sobs.

"Damn him! How could he do this?! It should've been me....It was supposed to be me!" Mio stood up abruptly and turned his back on the sleeping form of his injured brother, staring blankly out of the window.

Seinyu entered then, back in his normal poncho and loose brown pants.

"Did he wake?" Seinyu walked over to Katan, cautiously checking over the bandages and applying another layer of demon saliva before putting new bandages on.

"Stop tormenting yourself, you know he would have done it anyway. That's just who he is - the dominant partner always take care of their uke." Seinyu placed his hand on comfortingly Mio's shoulder before leaving again.

"Well....maybe I'm tired of being submissive all the time! Tired of the being the one who always needs to be looked after...." Mio turned his head to gaze back at his slumbering twin.

He moved back to the bedside and leaned over Katan, lightly pressing his hand over the other man's heart which beat in sync with his own. He laid his head next to Katan's on the pillow and just listened to his deep and gentle breaths.

"Mio...." Katan whispered softly, his hand instinctively trying to find his brother's. His face became pained for a moment before it relaxed, a single tear falling from his closed eyelids to the silk pillow below.

Mio took Katan's hand in his own and brushed his lips against his temple,
"Sleep now, aniki. Everything will be alright...." Mio pressed one last kiss to Katan's cheek and whispered something in his ear before he stood up, releasing his brother's hand.

"I'll make everything right again....I swear to you, I will...." Mio slowly walked backwards away from the bed and his soulmate, forcing himself to tear his eyes away from the sleeping figure when he reached the door.

He left the room and didn't look back. From the bed, one dull scarlet eye cracked open and gazed at the closed door.

"Love you, too....Mio...."


Seinyu rounded the corner to see Mio leaving.

"What are you doing?" His eyes had hardened as he watched Mio's back stiffen. A few more heads appeared around the corner, looking at Mio and Seinyu with interest.

"There's something I need to take care of. When Katan wakes up, tell him not to come after me." Seinyu placed his hand on the demon's arm and lowered his voice, his tone becoming authoritive.

"You cannot fight him on your own, Mio. Doing so would mean death. You know that." Mio lowered his head and his golden eyes darkened.

"What I do is none of your business, Seinyu-san. Now if you'll excuse me...."

"You know I can't tell him that. It would be telling him all his work trying to save you was for nothing, that he risked his life for you, and then you put it all on the line. I'm not going to go into that room and tell Katan that you went out and probably got yourself, killed, raped, or something. He's a Fallen Angel, one who has sinned past any demon. I cannot allow you to leave this place, Mio, because I know he's looking for you. You're a tactician, act like one." Seinyu's eyes narrowed as he watched Mio critically.

Mio knew he couldn't ignore Seinyu's infuriating logic, but he also couldn't just let the bastard get away with hurting the only family he had. He was torn because he knew full well that the chances of being killed or becoming the angel's plaything were high, although the lust for vengeance in his blood called him to exact retribution, nearly over- riding all his common sense with an intense yet calm anger.

"I know what you're thinking - it's what all demon mates think - hell it's what all animals and some people think, too. But even animals and people can make wise decisions. Don't be a fool. Right now Katan needs you by his side. Later, maybe we can go to see what sort of chaos this thing is unleashing, but now he needs you. And I don't really feel like bringing your sorry foolish ass down to hell."

Seinyu motioned to their audience in the hallway. "I also have a lot of people here that can help, and will, but right now is not the time. Preparations need to be made. I also need to check out the half demon I picked up that seems to be in a type of trance." Seinyu rested his arms in a crossed position over his chest, focusing on the other demon's soul- weary amber eyes.

Mio fought to hold on to his anger, but in the end, he could feel it slipping through his proverbial fingers like water. Seinyu visibly relaxed when Mio finally sighed and nodded his head in defeat.

"Very well, Seinyu-san. I will stay here for now," his head came up, eyes flashing dangerously. "But know this: I *will* get my revenge, whether you try to stop me or not," Mio stalked away from him with a final warning. "And I suggest you don't."

Seinyu rolled his eyes at that, turning to the curious onlookers. He smiled and walked past them to a room on the far right where a two hair toned demon lay.

"Now what's your secret...." He felt another presence behind him.

"He's the demon...." It was quiet, but held more knowledge than most voices he had ever heard.

Seinyu looked back to see a small green-haired boy look over at the sleeping, or sort of sleeping, half demon.

"What do you mean? The de-- you can't mean...." Seinyu bent over so he was eye-level with the boy.

Nobuo nodded, trying to shy away from the close scrutiny.

"H-hai, Seinyu-san. The Fallen angel Sevithofell and Archer are one in the same." Seinyu looked over at the unconscious man thoughtfully and released a long breath.

"Well, I do believe this complicates things. If Archer and the Fallen One are truly the same person, then there may not be a way to destroy Sevithofell without killing Archer in the process....

"Can you tell which one is the original?" Seinyu sat back onto the bed and sighed.

He was going to lose his mind to these people. Too bad he still had almost one hundred percent of his life left to live. Your life expectancy happened to increase when you became death. It was just a rule.

Seinyu sighed again as he drummed his fingers softly.

"The thing is, they are most likely both the original. They may have started off as unified in spirt and mind, but something could have triggered an internal separation which formed two different beings sharing one mind. It's possible that one half that was dominant over the other was able to lock that part away, until little by little it was able to regain a sort of consciousness and break away for short periods of time.

"Eventually the part which has been dormant will try to break free, and the problem there is that either it would have to overpower and absorb the stronger one, or completely break away and form an entirely new entity."

"Shit...." Seinyu got up slowly and looked over to the kid. "Alright, I have an idea. But I'll need your help, and your help alone." Seinyu smiled as his hands cracked.

"I'm going to find him and bring him here. I can do that easily, probably without any bit of a struggle. But just incase, I'll take Vapour and Dagger with me. Then when I'm back to this room I want you to put his mind back anyway you can. Understood?" Seinyu watched the younger demon nod.

"I'll see what I can do about it...." Nobuo spoke softly, not really wanting to set himself loose, yet knowing he had to.