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"Sit down and get yourselves comfortable my children for the tale I have to tell tonight is a long one," said Sashya soothingly to the crowd around her.

The ten or twelve children gathered around the campfire and wiggled about for a few moments until they had a position that they thought they could hold for a while.

"From the hand of Anne McCaffery in her book Dragon Flight, she asks us the question, 'When is a legend legend, why is a myth a myth? How old and disused must a fact be before it will be relegated to the category "fairy-tale"? And why do certain facts remain inconvertible while others lose their validity to assume shabby, unstable characters?'

Now the tale I have for you tonight, most of you here with me would say that it is a legend or a myth. You'd say 'there is no way that could happen, come out of your virtual world.' But I will assure you that all the events in this story are 100% true. This story I have entitled THE ONE WHO IS WOLF.

For those of you who already think that tonight's story is a legend, I will go along with it. THE ONE WHO IS WOLF is not as old as the tales of Bigfoot, or unicorns, or any other unbelievable stories you might have heard. Also, unlike others, my tale does not take place in some distant land, this one takes place not five days horse back ride from here. If any of you have any questions, please hold them until my tale is done and I will feel happy to answer them."

"For all of you my children to understand what happens in this retelling, I must go back many years to when even the main characters were young. Now I must tell you all, that although as I said before, this tale is not terribly old I was not in this world at the time it took place. I thought I had better clear that up so it is known that this tale was told to me as I am about to tell it to you and thus it will live on into the future." Sashya paused for a few moments to let what she had said sink into the children, although even if she had not paused it would not have mattered because she had their entire attention captive with just these words. With that she began to tell them THE ONE WHO IS WOLF.