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I hurl myself backwards and slam into the wall behind me. Matt stares me in the face, never breaking eye-contact with me. I can't believe I just kissed my brother. And whats worse is that he's staring at me with disbelief. This staring contest has to end, so I make an attempt to get past him when he grabs my arm.

"No, no running away this time." He says firmly.

"Let me go, Matt."

His hand grabs my chin and forces me to look at him.

"What the hell is going on with you? Look, you can talk to me, Jen. I just want to know whats going on in your mind."

I snicker, somewhat cruelly. "I just kissed you, Matt. That should give you a pretty good look into my brain."

He stares at me, blankly. "Well, I kissed you back, didn't I?"

Now it's my turn to stare blankly. "What does it mean?"

He doesn't answer, but I don't expect him to. That question isn't easily answered.


2 Days Earlier.


"Jen! Wake up, you're going to be late for school! Jen!"

I snap my eyes open to my mother's face. "I'm getting up, God."

"Don't take the Lord's name in vain." She says, as she opens my mini- blinds sending blinding light into my room.

"Mom, I just woke up." I say, shielding my eyes.

She just rolls her eyes and walks out of my room. I head for the shower. Once thats done, I throw on a jean mini skirt and a black sweater. Just as I'm finishing up on my makeup, I hear the horn of my friend, Andrea, outside. I walk downstairs and notice my brother Matt laying on the couch.

"What, no classes today?" I say sarcastically at him.

He glares at me. "My classes don't start till noon today."

My brother and I... do not get along. "Oh, lucky you. Now you can sit around and jack off to internet porn all morning."

"Oh, right, sorry. I guess I can't be perfect like you with all your rich, snobby ass friends and your faggot boyfriend."

"Right, because you know my friends so well, don't you?"

"I don't want to know your friends, just leave Jen. Go off and be the preppy head-cheerleader bitch that you are."

I just stomp off. God, I fucking hate him.

I slam the door to Andrea's car. She turns and looks at me. "Whats your problem? And what took you so long?"

I roll my eyes and start applying eye-liner. "My stupid brother. God, I just wish he'd go far, far away."

Andrea laughs. "He can come live with me." She says, licking her lips.

I make a gagging noise. "Please, don't make me throw up."

"Oh God, Jen. Your brother is like gorgeous beyond words."

"Please. Just stop right where you're at."

She laughs again and we finally arrive at school. I'm so glad today is Friday... and tonight I'm having the party of a lifetime at my house. My parents are going to some convention in the city and won't be home till tomorrow at noon. Now, if only my stupid brother will keep the whole thing a secret, everything should run smoothly.

I'm broken out of thought when my boyfriend, Josh appears behind me.

"Hey Baby, I'm so stoked for your party tonight." He says, wrapping an arm around my waist.

I smile. "Me too, it's going to be great."

And it really is.


Andrea and I walk into my house after school. Theres some cleaning to be done... and some brother-convincing to be done, but Andrea says, give her five minutes alone with Matt and she'll have him convinced.

When we walk in, I don't see him anywhere. Could I get that lucky? Maybe he'll go out tonight. But, no such luck. I hear some music from upstairs.

I glance over at Andrea. "I'll be right back. I'll go try to talk to him."

"Don't be mean, Jen. We need this party."

I roll my eyes. "I know."

I walk upstairs and notice his ajar door. I nudge it open slightly and see him, at his desk... working?

"Ok, you are my brother right, because from what I see it looks like you're doing homework?"

He doesn't even turn around. "You know, I do actually from time to time do homework."

I laugh, slightly. "Well, you've surprised me."

He doesn't respond. "So...," I say, casually, "Are you doing anything tonight?"

This time, he does turn and face me. "I think I'm staying in tonight," He quirks an eyebrow, "Why?"

I shrug. "No real reason..."

"Ah ha! You're throwing a party, aren't you? And you want to make sure I won't rat you out! God, I was actually surprised that you were up here talking to me... but I should have known it was for other reasons." He practically shouted.

"I, uh... God! Ok, fine you caught me! I am throwing a party... but you don't understand, Matt! It's my turn to have it." I frown.

He just stares at me... but then suddenly, a smile cracks on his face.

"Does that puppy dog frown work on faggot boy?"

"Matt, please. I need you to do this for me."

"What are you going to do for me?" He gives me this weird look.

"Umm... well, you can enjoy free alcohol and probably sleep with one of my drunk friends?"

He ponders this. "Throw in 20 bucks and you got yourself a deal."

I shake his hand and hand him a 20. "Remember... Mom and Dad find out about this and I will kill you."

He shoves the 20 into his pocket. "You know how bad I was when I was in highschool... if Mom and Dad found out about this, they'd just think it was all my idea."

I laugh and walk back downstairs, he follows suit behind me. Andrea is sitting on the couch, watching Tv. When she sees Matt, she jerks up.

"Oh, hey Matt." She says, smoothly.

"Andrea, tell me this party thing wasn't your idea."

She throws a worried glance at me. "Um, no... why, are you not down with it?"

"Well, Jen here managed to convince me." He looks back at me. "Who's buying the alcohol?"

I look at Andrea and then back at Matt. "Oh, no. Don't even think about it! Jen, I am not supplying alcohol to my underage sister and her friends!"

"Matt..." I say, whining. "You have to!"

"I don't have to do anything! I'm already not saying a word to Mom and Dad. What more do you want?"

"For you to buy the alcohol... I'll give you the money."

"It's not about the money! It'd be one thing if you guys had some weird, illegal way of getting it, but if one of your friends gets into an accident tonight I'd have to live with the fact that I bought it."

I roll my eyes. "Since when do you have a conscience?"

He sighs, heavily. "When it deals with my sister, I guess I care."

I don't respond... I'm actually thrown off by his nice comment. I smile slightly.

"I'll see if Josh can get it somehow."

He walks away and waves his hands in the air. "I don't want to know!"

I laugh slightly and shake my head. What a weird turn of events.


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