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No…shut up, alarm clock…it's too early!!! I screamed mentally as my alarm clock as I whapped it off my desk. Moaning, I rolled over and ended up getting a pair of cat claws in my back for ending up on my cat, Lipgloss. "Sorry, baby," I muttered, kissing the top of her little black head. She just gave me a look that amounted to fuck off.

I rolled out of bed reluctantly, grabbed a clean pair of pants, shirt, bra, panties, and my makeup bag, and stumbled off to the bathroom, muttering to myself the whole way.

A half an hour later, I walked out just as my brothers alarm clocks were starting to go off, causing me to clench my teeth. The sound of alarm clocks bothers me like nails on a chalkboard would bother some other people. I dumped my sleeping clothes on the floor, put my makeup bag in my backpack, and walked out to get some breakfast, nearly running into my half-awake brother, who just mumbled something incoherently.

My mom was crouching in front of the cupboard we use for Tupperware and containers, sniffing at something. I wrinkled my nose at a vaguely unpleasant smell hanging in the air, but dismissed it as the eggs my mother had burned. I was quite mistaken….unfortunately.

"Ami, honey, would you stick your nose in here to see if something died? I think something died in there, but I need a second-hand opinion." She asked me, looking at me. I just looked back at her incredulously. "Um...no. I am not gonna stick my nose in there." I said, grabbing a bowl and the bag of cereal, and proceeded to pour cereal into the bowl.

My mother frowned. "Ami. Just do it. It'll help." I didn't look at her as I jammed the cereal back into the pantry filled with disgusting healthy foods. "I don't care. I'm not sticking my nose back there." My mom sighed angrily, knowing that I wouldn't do it. She slammed the cupboard door and said angrily, "Thank a lot, Ami." I shot back with a very sarcastic "You're welcome, mother dearest," which caused her to turn on her heel and stomp back to her bedroom. I shook my head and flipped her off once her back was turned, and walked back to my room with my breakfast.

I love my family, but I don't like them very much. The only exceptions I have are for my dad, and my older sister. But my dad has a girlfriend he spends most of his time with and my older sister lives in New York, where she goes to college.

I ate my cereal, barely had enough time to brush my teeth and hair, grabbed my backpack, and got out of the house like a shot. As soon as I was out of sight from the house, I had a Pall Mall cigarette. Dragging on it, I looked at it as I tasted the menthol. Shrugged, I blew out. A cigarette was a cigarette. I wasn't gonna complain, even though I much preferred cloves over any cigarette. It took about ten minutes to get to Elspeth's house, so I figured I was safe in terms of finishing this cancer stick.

I was right. Ten minutes later at I walked up her driveway, that cigarette was a happy memory.

While waiting for Elspeth to answer the door, I petted on of her cats, Bo-Bo, who I fondly referred to as the Johnny Depp of cats, because he was so fucking cute!!!! He gave Lipgloss stiff competition. I heard footsteps coming towards the door and stood up, brushing my hands on my pants. Elspeth opened the door and I walked in, sighing happily as I entered the warmth of the house. Gotta love heaters.

We stayed there for about ten minutes, and then started to walk to school. And, of course, Elspeth brought up the account of Aiden on Friday.

"I heard he was all over you!" She said, grinning at me as I blushed bright red. "He was not all over me! He had his arm around my shoulders, that's all!" I protested. Elspeth just smiled knowingly, knowing that I was lying my ass off. "Not what I heard." Elspeth replied. "What I heard was that, after glaring at Jake, looking ready to castrate him if he touched you in a way you or he didn't like, he ditched his girlfriend to sit with you, the whole time basically making out with you. Oh, and also," She said, running over my feeble argument about how he was not making out with me (unfortunately), "when you left to go get soda, he looked very sad that you were not almost sitting on his lap. And when you left, he hadn't let go of you for twenty minutes and counting. That's what I heard." She grinned, daring me to come back with an argument. "He wasn't making out with me," was all I could think of to say. She snorted. "He might as well been!" I glared at her. "How would you know? You weren't even there!" She smiled smugly. "Oh, I know. I just have it on a very reliable source."

Dom, you little bastard, I thought menacingly, knowing it was him, I will get you…just you wait.

"So…did you guys actually kiss?" Elspeth asked, cocking her head. "No!!" I yelled. "Jesus Christ, Elspeth, he is dating Tina. He's not the kind of guy who will ditch his girlfriend, who he is very much in love with, may I add, for the weird, quiet, much younger, friend. So the answer to your question is, no, he did not kiss me." Sadly…I added mentally, looking at the ground, wishing I could fish out another cigarette, but the big ugly gray concrete buildings of the school loomed before us like a big squat spider.

"Oy, here we go again," Elspeth sighed and ran her hand through her hair. I sighed along with her. "Do you think they'll believe me if I say I'm dying of a non-existent but deadly sounding disease?" I asked, staring with apprehension as we walked up the walk way. "Nope, don't think so. You could try, though." I shrugged. "Too much work. Plus, I'd probably get another phone call home saying I was trying to get out of school." Elspeth considered his for a second and said, "Yeah, you probably would. Hey, I have to go to my locker. Come with me?" I shrugged. "Sure. Got nothing better to do."

We walked slowly towards the lockers near the Art and French room, just talking about random things, like how much homework we got done, what we had for science (we had the same science teacher), did we have to run in P.E., etc., until I saw a very familiar leather jacket covered back. I motioned for Elspeth to stop talking and slowly, very slowly, came up from behind Dom, put my finger over my lips to Melody, who was talking to him, and got a little smile in return as she kept talking to him, as if I wasn't behind him about ready to maul him.

"BOO!" I yelled as I threw myself on his back and was rewarded by a very shrill, very loud girlish scream. I laughed evilly as I continued my attack on him, tickling and biting as my friends laughed and laughed, until a yard narc came over and very wearily told us to knock it off if we didn't want to get detention.

"Jesus fucking Christ, Ami!! What the fuck was that for?!" I smiled sweetly as I fixed my clothes and my hair. "That, my dear, was for gossiping." "I don't…." He started to say indignantly, but trailed off as Elspeth raised an eyebrow at him. "You don't what, dearheart?" I asked him, still using the sugary sweet voice. He grinned at me bashfully, and ran his hand through his blond hair with black tips. "I was gonna say I don't gossip, I only impart information about those who I care about to other people who care about the person in question." I snorted. "In other words, gossiping." "Mmmhmm." He said, grinning now. I shook my head at him like he was incorrigible, child, and shook my finger at him. "If I didn't love you, mister…" "Oh, but you do, so I'm safe!" I glared at him as I took his arm and leaned into his shoulder, "For the time being. But if you piss me off, you're dead meat, young whippersnapper!" He burst out laughing at my use of vocabulary, as did everybody else. "Jesus Christ, girl, we need to get you some new books," Said Brain (who's real name is Brian, but he got the nickname still getting straight A's in all accelerated classes) as his counterparts Stanley and Bret nodded in agreement, smiling. I stuck my tongue out. "Kiss my ass. Besides, you are in no position to tell me that my vocabulary is too advanced." Brain laughed and nodded. "Yeah, I know. But…whippersnapper? C'mon, that's not even in like, the dictionary anymore." "Au contraire, Brain, it is. That's where I found it, actually. Well, actually," I said, cocking my head, "I looked it up when my daddy used it." "Ah-ha!" Brain said, pointing at me. "That should tell you something! If you father used it, it's pretty much guaranteed not to be used very often." I shrugged. "Oh fucking well." Dom laughed and punched Brain. "If I hear another lecture on the English language, I'll kill someone, I swear! That is all Eric has been talking about!" Eric is Dom's brother, who's studying to be an English teacher. He's actually pretty cool, so I decided to speak up in his defense. "Hey, I like your brother!" Dom rolled his eyes. "I do too, but-"he got cut off as the bell for first period rang. "FUCK!" We all yelled in unison, and got startled looks from the kids who tended to avoid us. I smirked at one little kid with huge glasses who looked like he was about to piss his friggin' pants.

"Well, my darling," I said as Dom and I veered off to our classroom, "Ready for another day of hell? Too bad Lucas can't come with his car and steal us." Dom giggled. "He's much too good for that." I sighed, knowing it was true.

Oh, how wrong we were.


"You know what we should do?" Lucas asked me as he attacked his tuna sandwich as we sat underneath the tree that we claimed as ours. "No, what?" I asked, looking doubtfully at my wrinkled orange that looked like it had just been through a war. Lucas finished chewing before answering. "We should ditch the rest of today, drive back to Jameson, and steal Dom and Ami!!!" I looked up from my appraisal of my orange. "How would we do that? It's three hours away, we don't have a car, and even if we did, I don't know how to drive." Lucas waved away my questions. "Maybe you don't have a car and maybe you can't drive, but I can. My car's in the parking lot right now. I brought it just in case." I smiled, not caring that I would get in trouble for ditching. And it was Thursday, so I could also stay at my house, which was right by the high school, and ditch tomorrow! "Yeah! That sounds awesome!" Lucas smiled, obviously proud of himself. "Okay, it's 7:35. School starts at eight. I can jolly it past the office that I left my lunch at home, I think, and you left some clothes at my house. That'll probably work, since I'm a model student here." I laughed. "Are you really?" "Yup." He picked up his sandwich and started to eat it as I watched in curiosity. "You eat tuna for breakfast?" He laughed. "Not usually, but Ami made this. She got the recipe from Melody's sister, who makes it with pickles, mustard, mayonnaise, and garlic and onion salt. It's so good." I wrinkled my nose at it. "Ami made it? How long has it been sitting there?" Lucas laughed as he popped the last bit into his mouth. "She made a whole batch of the tuna for me and I just stuck it between two pieces of bread. Well," He got up; brushing off his pants, "Ready to go?" I jumped up. "Yup. Hey, do you think we could stop off at Tina's house? She dropped out again, and she's staying home, and she could come with us." Lucas tried to mask the shadow of distaste that crossed his face at that idea. "Um…sure. I guess. If you want to." "It's just I think that she'll wanna hang out with Ami, ya know?" He shrugged with feigned indifference. "Sure. That'll be fine." I was about to say, "okay, we'll do that," when I thought back to last Friday when Tina had treated them like shit, and changed my mind. "Oh, man, you know what? She's probably sleeping, and I don't want to wake her up. I'm still kinda in her bad graces." Lucas did not bother to mask the look of relief that crossed his face. "Okay. That's fine. Let's go!"

A half an hour later, we were on the highway, singing really loudly to "Prison Sex", by Tool. We had gotten all our things that we needed for the weekend and money for food.

"This is an awesome idea!" Lucas enthused, pounding his fist on the wheel in time with the beat. "Ami'll be so surprised! Dom will be too, but as much. But ditching school will be good for both of them." I smiled and stuck my hand out the open window, feeling the wind push it back. "Why will she be surprised? I thought she lived with you." "No, she lives with Dom part time. I just sleep over a lot of the time. She'll be surprised because I'm breaking a promise I made to my parents about being good. I'm not usually one for breaking promises. But it's all for the greater good, I think." I nodded. "I get the impression that she doesn't like school." Lucas laughed. "That would be….the nice way of putting it. Most of the time she and Dom just get drunk and that makes it tolerable. Most of the teachers they have hate them on sight, because the way they look and they hate Dom because he's openly gay." "Yeah, but so are you," I pointed out. "And that would be why I'm at our wonderful school for the socially retarded. I got in one too many fights, and was on the verge of being expelled." "Why so many fights?" I asked, flipping down the mirror and checking my eyeliner, seeing if got fucked up or anything. "These bastards wouldn't leave my boyfriend or Ami alone. Ami actually got sent to the hospital once with a broken wrist, once." I whipped my head towards him, my eyes feeling like they were gonna pop out of my sockets. "Careful there, you might get whiplash," he said, his voice warm with amusement. I blushed.

"When was that?" He tapped his lower lip with his index finger, thinking. "Oh this must've been…five months ago, I think." I cocked my head. "Then why did you just get here?" He smiled, and it was a smile that held no amusement in it. "I got into this very major fight with the 'leader' and broke his jaw, his arm, and his wrist. That would've been about a month ago." I whistled. "Jesus." "Heh. You could say that. I don't think he was involved much, though."

"So who does Ami live with the other half of the time?" He frowned slightly, and I thought I had said something wrong. "She lives with mother and her mom's boyfriend, who's a total and complete asshole. I met him, like, once, and I almost brained him with Ami's steel-toed boot." I smiled in admiration. "Wow…really?" He nodded. "Oh, yeah. Total fucking dick. Also an alcoholic, so it's just better for Ami to live with Dom." I nodded. "Yeah, that makes sense. But they do have any problems?" Lucas looked at me weirdly. "No…why would she?" "Just wondering." I said, and dropped the subject, worried that if I delved too deeply right now I'd get kicked out the car after getting my balls cut off.

We talked about nothing much for the next two hours; occasionally bring up Ami or Dom. When we got to the high school, we had eaten the rest of the tuna and were still very hungry, so we were very happy that it was lunchtime when got there.

We jumped out of the car and I followed Lucas to where Ami and Dom were eating. I could recognize her from the back of her head. Lots of poofy black hair made someone really easily recognized. Lucas grinned evilly, and grabbed the collar of my trench coat. "Dom's back is towards us. I wanna surprise them. So be veeery quiet." I smiled and nodded. "Got it." We walked slow and quiet, making sure that the friends facing towards us were gonna make no move that we were there so we could jump them.

We were within two feet of them when Lucas couldn't resist any longer. He threw himself at his boyfriend and I threw myself at Ami, wrapping my arms around her waist, laughing as she squeaked. She whipped her head around and stared at me.

"…Aiden?! Holy shit, what the fuck are you doing here?!" I grinned and nuzzled her neck. "Lucas had an idea and I went along with it, innocent angel that I am." She snorted, sitting up and putting her hands on mine. I settled her in my lap, with my legs apart so her butt was up against my crotch. "Speaking of Lucas where is he...ooh…" I looked over and saw that they were basically fucking each other. Lucas was on top and you could hear them a mile away. Ami sighed and threw a grapefruit at them, getting a loud "Ow!" out of them. Lucas rose off his boyfriend and glared. She grinned and snuggled against me.

We spent the whole lunch hour welded together and then when it ended, we all ran over to the drugstore a couple blocks away and got some food.

"So you guys just decided to ditch?" Ami asked around a mouthful of fries. "Yeah," I answered, stealing a couple and settling my arm around her shoulder again. She laughed. "You do know you're gonna get your ass kicked, right?" I nodded. "Yeah. No big deal, though. I don't really care, and I can't say Lucas does, either." I nodded my head toward the boys who hadn't stop making out since we got there. Ami shook her head.

"Crap, I have to go." Ami said, and made to get up. I let her and said, "Okay, I'll walk you home." She smiled. "Really?" I smiled, and wrapped my arms her waist. She nuzzled the hollow of my throat and looked over at Dom and Lucas. "Hey, guys, I have to go." They disentangled themselves from each other and got up. "Okay. Let's go!" Said Dom, and grabbed Ami from the other side, and we walked her home, but not before I got her number and promised to call later that night. She grinned and walked inside.

And it was, all in all, a very, very good day.


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