The Longest Kiss

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on Saturday,March the 6th,when a young Hollywood stuntman named David Laskey had boarded a 747 passager jet,which was en route to his home state of Ohio to visit his mother and father in the small town of Berea.

Just then,as soon as he had finally found his seat and was about to sit down,he was bumped in the back by one of the stewardesses.

"Oh,I'm sorry about that.",said the embarressed stewardess."Are you okay?I really didn't mean to bump into you like that."

"That's okay.It was my fault,actually.",said David,after he had looked at the stewardess and saw how beautiful she really was."By the way,what's your name?"

And then,after she had taken a deep breath and answered,"Oh,my name is Joanna Vogel and it's my pleasure to serve you on this flight to Ohio."

"Well,I'm glad to hear that,Joanna.",said David,after he had held his hand out towards her."By the way,my name is David Laskey."

"I'm glad to meet you,David.",said Joanna,while she was shaking his hand."Now if you were to excuse me,I've got to get back to work.So,I'll see you later."

Just then,after he had finally sat down in his seat,the jet had roared down the runway and lifted itself away from the airport,it had began it's long trek across the country to it's final destination--and at first,the whole trip had gone off without a hitch.

But that was until the jet was about to fly into a storm front that had suddenly appeared in it's path and the jet's chief pilot has told the passagers to return to their seats and buckle up their seat belts,that a concerned David has realized that Joanna was still standing in the walkway and there was an empty seat next to him.

So,without any regard for his own safety,David had grabed Joanna by the arm,placed her in the empty seat and buckled the seat belt.

"David,you really don't have to do this!",said Joanna,while she was trying to get the seat belt off of her."This really isn't necessary!"

"Believe me,Joanna!",said David,after he had gotten his seat belt on and Joanna's hands off of her's."It's necessary!"

And then,as soon as the jet had flown into the storm front and began to experience a strong bout of turbulence,Joanna had took a deep breath,placed her hand on top of David's and said,"Please stay with me,David!I don't want to die!"

"Don't worry,Joanna!It'll be over soon!",said David,after he had placed his gentle hand on Joanna's shoulder."We're almost out of it!"

"Well,just in case we don't make it out of it,could you do me a favor?",asked Joanna,after she had looked at David."Could you please kiss me?"

And after he has realized that she has made a very good point,the both of them had looked at each other for a minute or two and kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.

And of course,it must've been the longest kiss in the entire history of the whole TRW airline fleet,for as soon as they've finally released themselves from that kiss,the jet was able to finally zoom it's way out of the storm front with only a few dings and scratches.

And then,after they both had realized that they were still alive,Joanna had looked at David,took a deep breath and asked,"So,What do you think we should do now?"

And after he had thought about it for about a minute or two,David had looked at Joanna,let out a smile and asked,"Do you want to come with me and meet my parents?"

"Are they as nice as you are?",asked Joanna,after she had let out a small smile.

"Why don't you come with me and find out?",asked David,after he had placed his gentle fingers on her chin.

And then,after the jet has landed at the Hopkins International Airport,both David and Joanna had taken an RTA bus to Berea and the house on Hartman Street,where he had used to grow up in.

And after his parents had welcomed Joanna into their home,David had asked her to marry him,which was what they've done.