Lucinda ran. Ran until there was nothing behind her. Ran until she could breathe no more. She didn't want to stay. She didn't want to leave. Lucinda stopped and closed her eyes. She dreamt.

She dreamed she was in the carnival with Carlee, laughing while her hair whipped behind her on the tilt-a-whirl. It was alright; summer was finally here. No more pain. No more hurt. But Carlee. Carlee brought it all back.

Why did you leave, Carlee?

Where did you go?

The boy said he could help. His name was Ken and he was nice. Lucinda had agreed to go with him to look for Carlee. She had disappeared, somewhere into the mist. Ken said he saw you, Carlee, leave the carnival.

Why did you leave?

His car was small. It was a very tight fit but Ken didn't seem to mind. He said he knew where you where. He said it. And he was nice. Lucinda believed him.

But he made the wrong turn. He did Bad. When Lucinda saw where he was taking her, she tried to scream. Tried to open her mouth and allow her voice to escape. But she couldn't. Ken had frozen her numb. She was helpless. Everything went hazy and she was dizzy. Colors faded into black and sounds were nothing but a soft yell in her mind.

Then, it stopped. The colors came back and she could hear the pounding of her heart. Why was it so loud?

Lucinda watched as Ken, grinning his maniacal grin, came toward her. She watched as his dirty fingers gently touch the buttons of her blouse. She watched as he drew her in and pressed his mouth against hers. She felt his hands moving smoothly, almost eagerly, across her bare chest.

She was helpless.

Ken took her upstairs, holding her hands tightly so that she would not escape. He locked the door and grabbed her gently. They both fell on the bed.

His lips brushed against hers and whispered, "You scream or struggle, I'll kill you now." So she had kept quiet. Who was going to hear her, anyway? Who cared about her so much? Lucinda closed her eyes and let Ken take over her body. Her soul. There was nothing she could do.

He touched her in ways he shouldn't have. His hands moved up and down her naked body. Lucinda once again felt the soft touch of his lips on hers. She felt it on her neck. On her chest. Everywhere.

She hated him.

Lucinda awoke with a start. That dream. It was still fresh in her mind.

So vivid.

She shuddered and felt the icy sting of fresh tears pouring down from her eyes. Carlee was gone. She left and never came back. She didn't say goodbye; she simply smiled and walked away. Walked to her death.

Lucinda had never met Ken. She had never gone to the carnival. It wasn't summer; it was April. It was a dream, just a dream. For her, it was nothing but silent images floating randomly in her mind. It was all in her mind.

But not for Carlee. For her, it was real. Somewhere, it had happened.