She's The One
By:Andrew Troy Keller

When I've met her,I've just noticed that she
Has a body of a goddess and after she
Had walked over to me,she asked,"Are you
The photographer?",which of course was true.
Then,something happened that shocked me.

She had removed all of her clothes and
Leaned herself against a microphone stand.
"So,what are you waiting for?",she asked.
While she let us know she was up to the task,
I've noticed that she's like Kathy Ireland.

And then,after the task was finally done,
I've looked at her and noticed she's the one.
And after the rest of the crew went home,
We've stayed in our personal little dome
And allowed our bodies to become one.

After we've enjoyed a night of pure
Erotica,we've found out for sure
That we're really in love with each other
And had decided to permentaly stay together.
Yes,pure love is a true treasure.