Book 1, Part 2


Danaush tossed back and forth on his bed; tossing his sheets about and causing them to wrap around his legs. Nightmares haunted him, not allowing his body the rest that it needed. At first it was only demons appearing in his dreams, and then in was horrible blackness. Once he had been convinced that Snana herself had appeared. He was cursed; he knew it. With each and every passing day hope of escape dwindled. He was doomed.

Figuring that there was little sleep to be gotten that night, Danaush sat up in his bed. The cool spring wind blew through his window causing the curtains to flap. Standing by the window silhouetted by the moonlight was a woman.

Danaush's heart began to flutter quickly. He could feel a certain queasiness forming in the pit of his stomach. He tried hard to control his breathing, but the sweat trickling down his body gave his fear away. Before him stood the subject of his nightmares. Before him, stood the Goddess of Darkness herself.

How he had recognized her, he did not know. It was just the feeling that it was she that stood before him that caused him to come to that conclusion. The feeling of evil hung in the air, around her and around him. Slowly, she made her way towards him; her features slowly becoming more visible. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes upon in his life; next to her Julina was very ugly. Her white blonde hair fell in front of her face and she climbed onto him bed.

Snana straddled his body, and placing her cold hands on his shoulders, pushed him into a laying position. Danaush's breathing quickened as more sweat dispensed over his body and hardness began to form within his lower areas. Snana was just too beautiful.

I am with Julina. I belong to Julina Danaush thought frantically. Slowly Snana bent over, making her way to his face. Danaush closed his eyes as Snana kissed him on his neck.

You are mine, Snana said without opening her mouth, you have belonged to me since birth.

Danaush instantly found himself caught in a trance. He was hers. He had always belonged to her. He had had no right to think other wise. He was hers.

Snana's kisses slowly made their way up his neck until finally her lips met his. He kissed her back passionately. He did not know what he was doing. He did not know what he was thinking, or why he was thinking it. He was just doing what she wanted him to do.

He knew that he was falling into a trap of sorts, but he found that he could not pull him self out from her spell. He felt her pull down his pants, exposing his erect parts.

From that point forward, all he felt was ecstasy.

How long it lasted, he could not tell. When it was over he lay sprawled out on his bed, gasping for air.

Snana stood at the side of his bed looking down at him with a sense of accomplishment. So then, you are mine? She asked in her close mouthed way.

"Yes" he replied. Snana smiled as she reached over and placed two pale fingers on his bare stomach. A sinister red mist began to swirl around her hand. The skin at the spot that she touched began to glow and ominous red. Pains shot through all of his left side and his stomach began to burn. He could feel evil running through his blood stream; he could feel it all over his body. He wanted to puke, but he could not open his mouth. It was taking him over.

Finally, she released him. He evil still lingered, but it was not as strong.

You are mine, Snana said, before she faded into the moonlight.

The taint was strong within him now. By letting her have him, he had allowed her to complete his curse. He could not believe what he had just done. He had given himself to her; he had given himself over to evil. He had broken the unspoken vows between he and Julina. He no longer deserved Julina. He no longer deserved anyone. He had broken the trust of everybody that he knew.

He had given himself over to evil.

He had allowed her to taint him.

He was cursed.

He deserved to die.

End of Part One

End of Book One: A Sorcerer of Selen

A/N: Yes, indeed, it is over. I wanted to surprise you guys. I figured that if I told you that there were only two chapters left, you guys would be able to predict the ending. I know that some of you may have questions about this, but he was not fully tainted before. Anyways, the second (more the first) installment of this story can be found under my account (I would give you guys the URL, but I am not a hundred percent sure that it would work). Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this one. I am really happy because this is the first time EVER that I have finished a multi chaptered story. Anyways, on to the real story!