DEATH adj no longer alive; obsolete; numb;

REALITY n real existence; actuality, fact, realism, truth, validity, verity

PHILOSOPHY n study of realities and general principles; knowledge, reason,
thinking, thought, wisdom

I age,
I created tears,
I kill youth,
And disrupt time,
I've pulled mothers from children,
I've made you cry,
I've stopped hearts,
And eaten souls,
I've made people still and cold,
Eyes empty,
Lips never moving,
Last words heard,
Last words dealt,
I'm the one all fear,
Yet cannot live without me,
I make you tremble and weep,
Yet as soon as I've struck,
I am gone,
Leaving only coldness and heartache,
The memory of a loved one,
I am death.

The reality of death is something we all will to escape from.
No matter how tough or strong you are, no matter how much you pray, or just
do the right thing, death threatens us all, hangs over us like a black
cloud really to pour it's rain, to drench us to the bone.
Throughout our life, even if our memory does not allow us to remember, we
have all been affected by death.
Family, friends, pets. But in time, we come to accept it.
Or do we?

'Life is a death sentence.'
I remember once thinking.
It's quite true really, we are born, we go to school, we work, and then we
pretty much die. But, yes, some people do make their mark in the world,
Captain James Cook on discovering Australia, Vincent Van Gogh and his
amazing yet frightning paintings.
But even them in time will be subjued to the memory of text books, tossed
aside by bored teenagers, and used to belt friends over the head when we
get annoyed.
Their great footprint in life has been wahsed away by the incoming tide.
No one is interested in what they did. How they changed the world. It
doesn't matter.
Although it does.

Besides the lucky people, who are remembered for even only a few hundred
centuries, or couple of thousand years. Are those people who can't even be
forgotten, as they aren't even known.
By the time they've died, their greatest accomplishment is hugging a
certain guy, or getting an 'A' on a chemistry assignment.
Nothing to be really remembered by, even though your happy at the time.
The point is though, not everyone does something to be remembered by, by
the time they die.
But you should be happy with what you have done, no one can re-discover
Australia, or paint like Van Gogh.
You cannot let yourself sink away into the black abyss of your mind, and
die before you live.

By Siobhan
Date: 5/3/2004