My daddy left last week,
Amid the screams and broken plates,
He slammed the door,
It fell off.
His face was red,
My mummy was crying,
She yelled bad words.

My daddy left a month ago,
All I ever do is cry,
My mummy's breathe smells of rum,
My brother misses school,
He turned 17 yesterday, did you know?
My daddy missed his birthday.

My daddy left a term ago,
My brother hates my mummy now,
He says she's a whore,
'What's a whore brother?'
I asked him,
He slapped me.

My daddy left a year ago,
I've forgotten what he looks like,
My mummy lived in a hospital for a while,
Brother and I visited her,
All my mummy does is sleep,
One day we went,
And no one lay in her bed,
My brother say's she's dead,
I don't believe him.
That was the first time my brother cried.

My brother is now 18,
He can drive,
He's never home though,
He has stuff in the fridge,
It's called Vodka,
I have some every night,
It taste yucky,
But makes everything better,
I never remember what happens,
It hurts my tummy.
But it's better that way.
At least I don't remember.

My dad left three years ago.
I still don't know why,
My brother is lost without him,
And even now I hear him cry.
Now I am 13,
I wonder if he remembers me,
I wonder if he thinks of us,
Of my mum.

My dad left a decade ago,
And now I'm all grown up,
My brother resides behind bars,
He did an evil thing,
I have no one but myself.

My dad left half a century ago,
And a day ago he showed up,
I said to him it's to far to late,
Our family's already fallen apart.

By Siobhan
Date: 7/March/2004