A/N: This poem is very reliant on the different connotations of each color, and
they're all fairly obvious. The narrator is basically a clean, pristine white slate at the
beginning. In one stanza I refer to spectrums and refraction, which might confuse
people who aren't versed in basic optical science (I wasn't either until physics class),
so a brief lesson, if you will: When a light source is shot through a prism, each color
in the spectrum bends at slightly different angles when it exits. Blue light always
refracts the most away from the normal, which is this invisible line perpendicular to
the surface that the light is shooting through. And if that doesn't make sense either,
no worries. I'm just trying to clarify a bit of the figurative language there.
Otherwise, everything is pretty much straightforward. It's basically just a poem
about falling for the "wrong" person.

"Roy G. Biv"

Something strange is brewing inside
And my curiosity compels me toward you
Because you breach this little house of numb
And chase out the artificial light
To tan my skin in UVA and
Conceal my decorous shades of pale

I live my life in grayscale
And wonder if there's color in me presently
You say I bleed deep and red and
Deep and red I'll stain
For I'm not pure enough for the
Propriety of perfection and alabaster anymore

You move me so completely
That your steps drown out the
Gracelessness of my teenage virgin ineptitude
And the tone is decidedly violet
The heat of ruby lips tempered by cool baby blues
You set out to conquer with your princely swagger

Like a diamond you exude spectrums
And you bend furthest away from the normal
So completely refracted and blue
In sapphire night you'll consume me now
And I'll gladly forfeit all I have
To revel in tainted love without innocence

You paint me green and relish
The monster you've created in me
Fresh and not clean but passionately yours
The toxicity of our union is not lost on me
But I covet our closeness anyway
It feels so completely natural

My world of monochrome turns prismatic
And I see you flash a smile of pearly white
I wish I were so shining and iridescent…
Oh, but to dance immortal and fly away
Dazzling in your arms like a stunning rainbow sin
It's all I could ever dream to hope for