A/N: This was never meant to be a companion piece to my story "Fire and Ice", but in retrospect, it's very appropriate if taken from Jacinda's point of view. Nonetheless, I wrote it for *me* about this guy like, 5 million eons ago (okay, it was September '02 – a year and a half ago) and I finally revised the parts that were really bugging me. It's not so much poetry as it is a bunch of vaguely poetic sounding sentences strung together.

"Of Fire and Ice"

I try to feel the music

thundering in my ears

like audio lightning.

It sparks my soul

and you can see me

written all over the sky

because my eyes are open books

and the few masks I wear are


I don't look you in the eye

because I don't want you

to see the scattered daydreams

that you'll never let come true.

My lips don't move for a reason

and the liquid fire in my veins

congregates at my cheeks

whenever you speak.

My heart sears for you,

so turn the spit and

let the bite of your frosty affection

encompass me wholly and

temper the flames.

Like any hot-blooded woman,

I just can't let this go,

but the power of such consumption

is so overwhelming

I should think

I'm incapable of love.