The girl cried with all her heart. She didn't understand what was wrong with her, her personality, her heart, her eyes, she just didn't understand. He chose another, another who was not deserving of him. With pain she looked upon the picture molten into her brain. The boy who hinted, talked, touched, and hugged was gone. Out of her pathways forever. It hurt the girl to know it, and it hurt the girl to accept it. This was why she cried with all her heart. Not a tear was shed, but her heart was crying. Inside was all torn up and she had no power to stop it. The boy had taken what he hadn't deserved and thrown it away. A beauty anyone would love to have, but he chose plain. A heart of kindness so great it was a wonder, he chose an evil spirit. A mind sharper than the highest peak of Mount Olympus, he chose idiocy. The wonder of his choice was unknown to her. And it hurt. Hurt more than words themselves; hurt more than anyone had hurt her before. This girl was not a normal girl; she didn't think she deserved to be hurt. No, she wouldn't do anything to the boy because of the kindness in her heart. But she would always morn for him, for what he had lost. The girl would move on. The heart full of tears would cry itself dry, and some other great ocean would take his place. With closure, and love the girl smiled upon the memory of his picture. She wouldn't take revenge for his bad choice, but she would live her life to the fullest to make herself know she was worth his love even if he hadn't chosen her. He was blind, and always had been. The girl formed these words in her mouth. He was blind, and always had been, and she knew it was true. Through the years she had known him she had watched him grow. Through relationships he made bad decisions, through the liking of others he had gotten hurt. Never making the right decision it always led to the wrong pathway. A fence taller than the sky would always bar his passage on his way. The girl realized that he was trapped by his own fences, never to escape. The girl had offered the boy a small whole, but a hopeful one. And the boy had chosen to turn away, now the escape was gone. Doomed to a fenced in life the boy went on his own path, and the girl walked into the free world. She breathed in deep air, and for the first time in many days she was free. Free of his false words, idiotic actions, free of his life trying to poison hers. With love of all things the girl walked away, open minded, free bodied, and with a happy soul. She was at peace, and her heart was healing, and her eyes were brighter. Happier days were ahead and with an old love dieing, a new one can always begin.