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Chapter two:


James Hance had always wondered what it would feel like to get knocked out. He had never actually wanted to live the experience, but he had often wondered idly, if you dreamed or if all you saw was darkness, or did you not even notice you had passed out until someone woke you up? It never occurred to him that Monday morning that he would get a chance to find out what happens.

James Hance was popular. He always had been, and he never doubted in his mind that he always would be. He was the type of guy that girls swooned over with his short, dark hair, lightly toned muscles, and sharp sense of humor. He actually had a good head on his shoulders, which was somewhat of a secret to most people--he didn't usually show his brains. They wouldn't understand, at least his friends wouldn't. they wouldn't understand anything unless it had to do with basketball. The only person who really understood him was his girlfriend Carol Shepards.

He and Carol had been dating since the seventh grade, and there was no doubt in his mind that they always would be. There was just something about her. She was beautiful, she listened to him, and she was always there to make it happy. She cheered on the cheerleading squad and she was always sending special smiles his way. Sometimes, after the games, they would go to parties and "celebrate." He hoped that they would be able to celebrate tonight. He needed something to take his mind off of his life.

He hadn't told his parents, but his grades were starting to slip. It was nothing too major, but his low B's were quickly becoming C's, and that meant being kicked off the team. He also was having troubles picking a college. His prime choice--Columbia--had rejected him, and he wasn't quite sure where it was exactly he wanted to go anymore. He was starting to get bored with basketball, and he no longer knew what to do with his life.

He was having these thoughts when he fell and hit his head on the floor during his first class, which happened to be Gym. Ever heard the phrase "you will lose it in your gym class if you wait till noon to eat?" Well, he hadn't eaten breakfast, and that, combined with his thoughts, was not the proper thinking pattern for sparring. He had been dodging a kick, and had ended up being punched in the face. He saw stars and then blacknessā€¦.

He was standing in a field of poppies, surrounded by nothing. It was completely silent, save for a small scream that he couldn't identify. Where was it coming from?

Suddenly, he saw a small figure coming toward him, running and thrashing her arms as though trying to throw something off of her. She was calling to him, begging for his help. He moved to come towards her and suddenly felt himself falling away, light rushing back towards his eyes.

He opened his eyes and blinked, his eyes adjusting to the light.

"Are you okay, Hance?" asked the Gym teacher, Mr. Mince.

"I think so. I just have a small headache, that's all."

"Are you sure you don't need to see the nurse?"

"I'm sure."

He took Mr. Mince's hand and rose to his feet. He turned his head around slowly and winced. He suddenly noticed that his jaw was throbbing. It was probably bruised, but it didn't seem as though anything were broken. 'Maybe I should have gone to the nurse,' he thought.

He shook his head to clear away some of the spots that were starting to swim in front of his eyes. One thing remained behind to bother him, though.

What was that place? It had felt so real. Not like a dream at all. And who was that figure? From the voice he heard, he assumed it was a girl. She didn't look familiar from what he could make out. Maybe she didn't go to his school.

Whatever the case, he didn't think he was going to forget what little images he had seen any time soon.


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