From the loving arms she falls

Nothing left but to surrender all

Forced along this icy track

But unlike the others

She will not be coming back

The veils of death await for thee

Calling fourth to set her free

Blanketed in the depths of night

She awaits and pines her eternal flight

The waves of pain cut through like knifes

As she wishes and beg for the fates to end her life

The many times she's called, and spoke her prayers

Were only answered in her worst nightmares

This path she seeks is feared by many with dread

But, why be so afraid when you wish to be dead?

Tired and worn she feels it arrive

For the first time ever, she is truly alive

Her body cold and damp against the floor

Freed from her pain, but wanting more

Packed and placed in a porcelain shell

A body left for only time to tell

Worms pick at the rotting flesh

As earth devours what else is left

Left to wither away in the dark

A veil of loneliness it's only spark

It's destiny was to die without love

And it's spirit to wander the world above

A ghost of the dark walking without a trace

Forever banished and put in her place

She cries out for warmth

And her guiding light

But is answered with only a chill

In the arms of the afterlife's winter night

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