Deep Within My Heart
Deep within my heart, the only
truth that I find:
I want to be with him for all eternity.
Yet ... our Fates tear us worlds apart,
our differences leaving a gap
that tries to split our love.
Deep within my heart,
he is mine; that will never change,
no matter what happens.
Yet our beliefs are shattered
by our lives
that keep us away from each other
so cruelly.
Deep within my heart, there we
both are, desperate and waiting,
for that special moment
when we can truly be together.
Yet, our dreams are suppressed by
so many who disapprove; who
wish we did not know each other at all.
Deep within my heart, I know that
we are meant to be with each other.
Yet I know, there is only one place
where we can be together, forever:
the life after this one.