As I grow older, I get closer to the brink
But I'm still the girl who drinks
Diet Coke because she likes the flavor
Not always on her best behavior
Still the one who likes ketchup with her chicken
Even if it's not, I think everything's just bitchin'
Still the little tyke with a yen for fairytales
Though now, it'd better have a little blood or it'll fail
To capture my attention, a little gore, a little love
Still their little one with pigtails, flying high above
Still their tiny black haired baby
Except Time (not dye) has turned me blonde, maybe.
I'm still the ten year old in love with the Spice Girls
Even if I'd rather rub my eyes in dust of pearls
That listen to them sing.
I'm still their little gymnast who'd rather read than do a back hand-spring
Still the little girl, always sitting in the front row
Because I always have the answers, my face all aglow
I'm still my father's daughter and my mother's too.
I know exactly who I am. Do you?