My brother says he's asleep,
And that he just won't wake up.
My mummy says he's gone to god,
Along with granny and pop.

We went to this building,
Where my daddy had moved in,
His room was humongous,
But, he shared it with 5 other men.
They scared me;
They would stare at me when I walked in,
My mummy said they were just lonely,
And daddy said they just wanted their family to be there,
'Be there for what?' I asked.
My daddy just smiled and kissed my forehead.

He got to have breakfast in bed,
And lunch and tea!
And he always had cards stuck up on the walls.
'Get well' and
'See you soon'
He wasn't sick though was he?

I brought him the most beautiful flowers from our garden one day.
My mummy said they were violets and roses,
I cut my self twice on the rose's thorns,
Mummy had to put Band-Aids on me and cut of the thorns.
My daddy put them into a pretty blue vase next to his bed,
He said he'd think of me when ever he looked at them.
When ever we went to the room after that,
I'd bring the same flowers,
The room always smelt of violets and roses.

One day,
We visited the room where daddy lay.
I couldn't smell the violets and roses as I walked in.
His bed was empty.
'Where's Daddy, mummy?'
She looked at me with tears in her eyes.
She walked out of the room.
My brother sat me down on daddy's bed,
And explained to me that daddy's heart was bad.
'Like when we had to take back your yellow truck?'
I asked him 'Because it broke.'
'Yes, his heart broke.'
My brother stood, and said he'd wait for me outside.
I lay back on daddy's bed.
I remembered everything.
'Sooner or later he'll come back though,'
I thought, 'everything that's broken can be repaired.'
A nurse walked over to me,
She was pretty, and was wearing a white uniform.
'Are you his daughter?' she asked me
'Yes. Why is he back? Where is he?'
I looked around,
Thinking I'd see him walk towards me, arms open.
'No sweetie. But, he asked me to give you this.'
She opened her hand, and upon her palm laid two petals.
One violet and one red.
'Oh.' Was all I said.

By Siobhan
Date: 8/March/2004