Diamond Chains

Chains don't break
At least my chains don't
You see my chains
Are made out of diamonds
You know
The strongest thing on Earth
Hard to break
And not a fake
You can't escape chains like those
So I'm standing here
Bound to the wall
Kicking myself
For doing all those things
I know I shouldn't have done
But now I have to pay the consequences
For all the mistakes I've made
Knowing that it's all my fault
And now I've got the shame
I se all those people laughing at me
Poking me with their sticks and stones
See I'm out in the open now
And anyone, yeah anyone, can stand here and make fun
They say to each other
'How can she stand herself?'
Like they know something I don't
What do they know you ask?
Well here's the bottom line
I wasn't put here by someone else
Cause I made these chains myself
On my own time
And in the process of making thee chains
I've chained myself to me
Now I'm stuck here for all of eternity
And I can't ask or get no help