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A Mortal's Fate

Default Chapter: Damien's Sacrifice

Michael Ryan Destrois was born on October 31, in the year of 1254. The proud Mr. and Mrs. Claudius Destrois looked at their child with much love, never knowing the fate that awaited their son. Had they known, they would have taken Michael far, far, away.

The small child was active, and very happy. Yet, as the days went on, many omens started to appear, and it was whispered that Michael was the child of the devil. Michael was very close to nature, and he often disappeared for many hours into he woods that surrounded the small town.

Tongues started to wag when the small boy was seen associating with a "Dark" child. Or, as the towns folk secretly called them, a spawn of Satan.

Yet, even more dangerous, was the fact that Michael liked to wander off in the middle of the night, so it was no wonder that the peasants in the small town were all for having Michael sacrificed to the "Dark People's King".

But that is for later, on, and right now Michael is still young.

* 15 Years After Michael's Birth*

Michael ran down the dusty path, his clothes rustling softly in the wind. His brown hair which was tightly secured, was being buffeted by the strong wind. He was nervous, his best friend Damien was going to be sacrificed.

Michael burst through the wicker fence, and stopped in front of his friend's form. Damien was standing with his face turned to the ground, and he looked like he was fighting hard not to cry.

Michael opened his mouth, but quickly closed it when he realized that he had nothing to say that would make this awkward and sad situation better. Damien finally looked up, and his tear glazed eyes met Michael's.

Michael gasped and took a step backwards, for he was terrified by the dead look in his friend's eyes.

"I-I guess this is...goodbye. It was nice knowing you, Michael." Damien said, no emotion whatsoever in his voice. It was only his eyes that betrayed him, for they mirrored Damien's fear and great sadness.

"No! Don't say that, Damien! I will see you again!" Michael cried, not wanting to believe that this would be the last time that he saw his best friend

Damien only shook his head, and softly said, "You know that I am to be given to the Dark people. You know as well as I do that no one ever returns from there."

Michael violently shook his head, and cried, "You're different, Damien! You'll come back, I know that you will!"

Damien drew him into a quick, tight embrace. Michael numbly returned the hug, and before he knew it, the hug was broken by Damien.

He watched as Damien walked down the beaten path, and blinked away tears.

"I-I'll see you soon Damien!" he cried, and only got a half hearted wave in return.

Even though he wanted to believe he was wrong, Michael was pretty sure that he would never see his friend again.

End of Default Chapter: Damien's Sacrifice

Next Chapter: A Mysterious Meeting

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