And I can't tell it enough times
a tale constant as constellations,
but not always seen as clouds shadow my skies.

blank mind before me wallpaper covered in stars
cosmic analogy was what I always wanted to be
spirit more than this, more than ordinary me
but we can't have everything we want
and you can't be everything I dream
even if I'd like to be gone away from here,
and that something else, that girl more graceful
than I'll ever manage to make myself into.

haven't I said time and time again?
I imagine you like a constellation

but really I think it's always been me
shining away to pieces, in the end
too difficult to really see
too hard to imagine the lines between,
without shaming the stars into hiding
behind our long-necked dragon,
and an arched swan ever outstretched
(we might have been)
behind a flaming sword and the coronet of burning lights
that sits a black matte brow of midnight sky.
... and last hour clouds shadow my mind.