Chapter One : Prologue
By : Carey Miles

I prepared for a week for my trip Outside. My people were set to wish me well. We all knew the Floods would come the day I left; that had been prophesied years before. On the morning of January 16, 2004, the day before my trip Outside, I spent time with my family. My father, the Adjuen, or leader, of our people wished me well and told me to always remember our Society. That night I spent with my Saequelerizque, soul- mate. We were to be married as soon as I came of age on March 28, but we had only one night to spend together before the Floods came and killed my people. The next day, I left for Outside, never to return to Quelavericaea.
I explored for almost two months, making sure I knew well the customs of the people and merely trying to fit in. I was not greeted with open arms. Those who had met me before remembered me and spread the word to their friends that I was different. I was not someone they would want to share company with. I wandered alone and finally arrived at a place called Serenity Island Orphanage. Serenity Island seemed like a lovely place to stay and stay I did. My second night there, I met a boy called Trevelian. He was seventeen, a year older than I. We became instant friends; there was just something about him that I felt I could trust. We agreed that we would meet a few days later and talk some more.
By this time, I was beginning to think more about my time spent with Ashaequor on January sixteenth. I suspected that I was with child, but of course at Serenity Island there was no way for me to check. I continued to go about things as normal but I began to think more about my childhood with my people and how I had landed myself in this situation, to coin an expression common among these people.

[A/N:] Whew, okay. I'm sure, of those of you who have read this, some of you are most likely confused! This is a story that I started based on an RP with my friend Ian. The first few chapters will focus upon the narrator's childhood, and around chapter five or so, I think, we will see her at the time she is writing this(when she meets Trevelian, etc.). The chapters aren't very long as of yet, most of them being about two written pages. Perhaps as I gain confidence with this writing, the chapters will get longer. If you have read thus far, I give you many many thanks, and I ask that you please leave a review. :) Thank you and I do hope that you enjoy the story. (Oh, the story is as yet untitled until I can decide upon a good name for it. Any suggestions? :Þ)