An angel's eyes pierce through the cold night sky
Reflecting the silver orb hovering between the dark gray clouds
Tears of crimson red blood
Cascading from her cerulean blue eyes
Her hair in messy blond locks
That cradles her porcelain face
Twisted in agonizing pain
Her small gentle
Ghost like hands
Holding her heavy aching head
Her soft flesh in carved with brutal misery
Her heavenly white gown
Ripped and torn
From the devil's glare
Everywhere is murder
Nothing seems clean
Nothing is pure
Of this angel shouldn't have looked upon earth
For it is her nightmare
She watches from the clouds above
Bleeding from her harsh cuts
And bitter wounds
Wondering how
Humans could be the way they are
And you know how they say
When an angel cries
The rain comes down
But a bleeding angel
Makes the rain come down as blood
And you know
It's been raining a lot.