Title: Steam Hidden Soul
Author: Heather P.

Under the Moon's crown,
I do my dance,
With steam bending my back,
Arching up,
To a sky of blotched stars,
All glittering with little shame
as to their nudity,
(or mine).

My flesh is never cured from such sweet sweat,
As it reverberates from their flashy seduction,
And reflects angelic delights.

The steam curling my fingers around my waist,
Drifting upwards,
And below,
My heady breath fogging up heaven's glass ceiling.

Echoes shatter the world,
As I lay,
In the grass,
With tears framing my flushed cheeks.
My eyes drift up,
In wonder,



To the brim with all things.

It is fantastic what looking at the stars can do,
Making your fingers,
Travel . . .

Over the ultimate length from body to

Hidden Soul.