Authors Notes: - Somehow I've neglected John lately. Not just that, but John and Rave. Also, I needed to add some more 'depth' (if you can call it that) to a certain relationship. And it's not the one you think it is. Vix, this one's for you :) (and a great way to get over my writers apathy. I'll update it after I've slept and don't have a belly full of soda. Urg. I feel sick.)

Victoria's Secret

John sat steadfastly at the computer, bathed in its gentle warm glow. His fingers flew over the keyboard, typing at a maddening pace. A cigarette dangled from the corner of his mouth, mostly forgotten. Half of its length was already nothing more than ash that seemed to magically keep from falling as it hung precariously over his cordless keyboard. He switched between code writing and a run and gun style computer game with disturbing ease. The contrast between the heart pounding game and bland monochromatic code didn't seem to affect him. He worked at both with equal passion.

At the top of the stairs, which were shrouded not only in darkness but a hearty layer of smoke, the door opened. Light poured in from the kitchen, silhouetting Rave as she descended the steps. She was wearing a tight lace cami with matching boy shorts, both almost the same pink as her hair. Navigating through the mess of computer guts and cords she arrived at John's side and leaned over him, draping her arms over his chest.

He sat up a little straighter and absently stroked one of her arms before quickly returning to what he was doing. Undeterred by his seeming lack of interest, Rave rose to the challenge and began to nibble on his ear. John made a little distracted whimper of pleasure but didn't look away from the screen. He squirmed slightly and slumped back down. She pouted on his ear and stood up. John relaxed and continued playing/coding.

Rave defiantly stepped around the chair and hooked a leg over him and dropped into his lap, straddling him and effectively blocking his view. John focused his eyes from where the screen had been, to her lace covered breasts which now resided directly in his line of sight. Then wisely to her face. He smiled sheepishly and removed the cigarette from his mouth, stamping it out in the overflowing ashtray on the edge of his desk.

"Uh, hi Rave." He smiled.

"Hi Johnny." She crooned, sliding down his body then placing her lips against his neck. He wiggled under her and slipped his arms around her, looking back to the screen. Knowing full well that he was already turning his attention back to the computer Rave worked harder to distract him. She nibbled up his neck; to the edge of his ear. Rather slyly she kept her head positioned so that he could just see past her, though half of his vision was framed by her pink hair.

John whimpered, half in pleasure half in something near annoyance. He gasped when she took a little nip at the tip of his ear, barely brushing the skin with a single fang. She giggled softly, enjoying his twitchy reactions. Finally giving into her tender administrations he logged off the game and saved his file. Moving his hands from the mouse and keyboard to her thighs, he leaned back and enjoyed the attention.

Rave turned her head and his, lightly planting a kiss on his lips. John smiled and returned the gesture. He slowly transferred his hands upwards, drawing the tips of his fingers across her skin lightly. It was her turn to shiver. As his hands neared her hips and passed over her panties he froze. Rave continued kissing and nibbling on his lips, not noticing his suddenly hesitance right away. He traced his fingers around the edge of the boy shorts, beginning to frown. Rave stopped and leaned back, looking at him curiously.

"What is it John?"

"I… well… you know I don't-" He shrugged and made a vague motion to the area of her hips. "-much care for… those kinds of… uh… undies."

She stared at him, then down at her boy shorts, then back to him. "I always wear boy shorts."

When she said 'boy short's he flinched and shifted uncomfortably. "I just… don't like them. They're… kind of a… you know… turn off…"

"What kind do you like?" Rave asked with a teasing smile.

One of his hands drifted back to the computer desk, resting on his cordless mouse. With one finger he moved the mouse in a circle. On the screen the cursor traced his movements. He shrugged shyly and stared at her bellybutton. "I like… the sexy kind."

"Aren't these sexy?" She asked, rocking her weight forward, pressing her hips into his. He squirmed again, growing increasingly uncomfortable.

"Uh… Well… umm… yeah but… not really." John replied, looking towards the wall, his cheeks reddening. "I prefer more feminine ones."

"Like?" She prompted, whispering in his ear.


"I don't like thongs… they give me a wedgie." Rave quickly protested, leaning back while sulking unsexily, but cutely.

"But… I really like them." John stressed, moving his eyes to the ceiling. "I also like other… kinds."

"If you like them so much. You buy them." She suggested casually.

"M-me!?" He exclaimed, meeting her eyes in shock.

Rave gave him a 'duh' look. "Well yeah. You're the one who likes them. Besides, how am I supposed to know what you like?"

"Wuh… buh… ah…" His cheeks became redder as he sputtered more nonsensical words.

"I'll wear them, if you buy them." She smirked, climbing off his lap and heading towards the stairs.

"You've been spending too much time with Nightshade!" He protested to her back as she ascended the steps. She didn't answer and closed the basement door behind her. John stared up at the space she'd last occupied with a forlorn expression. "But I don't know where to go…"

*                      *                      *