I don't need a love song,
I'm happy that you've left,
Finally I can get some peace,
Something you have always kept.

I don't need sympathy,
That's the last thing on my mind,
I'm finally free to do what I please,
I want to know what I can find.

I don't need salty tears,
Running down my face,
Yes it's true, I once loved you,
But that was a different time and place.

I don't need comfort,
I'm happy I'm alone,
Warms days in front of the fire,
Just me and my home.

I don't need love,
That's for movies and for books,
I can live without it,
Besides, that's what you took.

My faith in man kind,
My love of life,
My love of you,
Now I love the knife.

I don't need your arms,
Wrapped around me,
The warmth if the fire,
I once didn't need.

I don't need your words,
No matter how soft,
A kiss of the lips is nothing compared-
-Who cares! I know I'm lost.

I thought I didn't need you,
That I didn't want you back,
That I didn't need your touch,
I even loved the things you lacked.

But I don't need a love song,
I don't need you here,
I can get along just fine,
It's only love I fear.

By Siobhan
Date: 9/March/2004