The Keys Are Calling

~To Matt Ryburn, who is one of those people who can play the piano annoyingly well.
And to Ms. Brunson, my piano teacher, who has taught me for three years so far.~

Whenever I see a piano,
it strikes a chord in me.
I feel like going and playing it,
but that's beyond my ability.

Some people can go to a piano,
and play any song to match their mood.
But I fear that is beyond me,
And I don't think this is good.

The keys are calling to me,
like they always are.
They are so near to me now,
and yet, they are so far.

The keys seem miles away,
because I cannot play them well.
And still they capture me:
I am under their spell.

Whenever I sit at a piano,
I want to tinkle the ivories.
But I'm not good enough to express myself
on these black and white keys.

I just cannot do it justice,
this grand instrument here.
And yet some people are perfect,
and they play it all by ear.

Those who are good at playing,
make it sound so easy.
In reality, it's very hard
to play a piano in key.

Maybe someday I'll find it,
this talent that has been eluding me.
But right now, try as I might,
I just can't play perfectly.