Fitting Out

Yes I look different
I'm not afraid of this
Yes I have purple hair this week
And wear black lipstick

So I'm not the same as you
Why does that make me bad?
You think I have to be
Just like you and everybody else
Lost all confidence I had

No I don't fit in
And I don't really want to either
I don't quite stand out
I'm somewhere in between
I'm fitting out

Why can't you just accept it?
Clear your stupid head
I don't want to ever be like you
I'd much rather be dead

This is me
This is who I am
I'm not asking your opinion
Or even for you to understand

I will not change for you
Or anybody else
If you don't like it
You can go and fuck yourself


Just about people thinking that I would rather fit in than be myself and not being able to accept that I'm happy enough being different from them. R & R please!!