He was dressed in black. His entire wardrobe consisted of that one unchanging element. A color that matched his entire soul and heart. The color that made his entire life what it was, a living Hell. Hell. That was the one word he hated. People always think of demons, fire, and the devil. But the reality was far much worse. He knew the reality. He had saw it with his own eyes. He saw the torture, the cruelty, and the pain. He knew that the idea of Satan's horns and the hoofed body was only the brink of the iceberg, or in this case, brimstone. He knew that Hell on earth was not just an expression, but a reality check. Not the kind of evil you know. But an evil that does indeed exist in our world, humans simply choose not to see it or believe it.

He sat on top of the church and looked upon the graveyard. He twirled a dagger in his hand. His black combat boots were arched. His long leather trench coat flapped behind him in the wind. His necklace dangled, the silver cross upon the rusted chain twirled, and the ruby in the center of the cross twinkled, reflecting the moon light. His long hair lay still upon his back not ever getting in his face. He stared upon the graveyard. The black straps that were wrapping the palms of his hands were tight. He continued to concentrate on the graveyard. His eyes, determined as anything. His face, as calm as stone.

The quarter moon suddenly turned into a full moon. He looked up and saw the light change. He became a little tense. He looked back down to the graveyard. He licked his lips and took a deep breath.

Suddenly the ground began to shake. He stood up and stuck the dagger into his belt. He reached to his back and pulled out a huge sword. It made a clanking sound as it was pulled. He pulled it to his side and as he did the moon reflected off of it and gave it a glare. Suddenly a hand reached out of a grave. He watched. He watched calmly. This didn't seem to shock him at all. The hand dug away a whole, revealing a man, or what appeared to be a man. The thing was decomposing. It looked as if it had been ripped apart. He watched. He watched until one by one, nine of these things had risen from the grave. They all began lingering around.

Suddenly, he gave a loud whistle. All of the beings looked up. "What's up?" He said. He leaped into the air. He flew a great distance before landing in the middle of all the beasts. As he came up he flung his blade. Slicing off one of the creature's heads. He then flung his coat to the side and kicked one of the beasts down to the ground. As the thing fell, he took his sword and sliced its head off.

He twirled and raised his sword above his head, letting it slice through the air. Upon doing so he got another one of the things. Cutting it's head completely off. He suddenly stopped. He was face to face with one of these things. He slightly tossed up his sword, so he was holding it by the blade. He threw the sword up as high as he could. It twirled in the air. The thing stood and looked at it, in a daze.

Seizing the opportunity, he gave a quick right hook followed by a left. He jabbed it in the stomach with a right. He kicked the thing in the ribs. He quickly began to turn. Exposing his back to the creature for a split second. As he quickly turned back around he caught the sword, chopping off the thing's head. He turned once more and with ease stabbed the sword into a creature's chest. The blade was stuck. The creature wobbled back and forth while stuck on the blade. "Damn!" he said.

He held onto the handle of the sword, placed his right foot on the things chest, and pushed. The sword came out and he fell to the ground. He landed on his back and let out a grunt. The creature leaped for him. He caught the creature with his legs and cut it's head off. The black blood spewed onto his face and clothes.

He kicked the headless body away. As he laid on his back, he looked to his left. One of the creatures was standing there. Right beside him. He took his sword and cut it down to size by the ankles. It's entire body fell to the ground. He pulled himself to one knee and held his sword over his head and came down with a mighty thrust. The head came right off.

He made his way to his feet and looked around. There were three left. One, directly in front of him, one at his left, and one at his right. Suddenly the creatures ran towards him and made a rather dog pile. All that could be heard were moans and groans. But then, out of nowhere, there was a voice. "You guys looking for me?"

Suddenly the creatures turned to see who said that. It was him, the man in black. All of the creatures were standing in a row. The man clutched his sword tight and swung with all his force. Three heads fell to the ground and the black blood decorated the churchyard. Suddenly all the beheaded bodies went up in flames. He stuck his sword back in it's holster on his back, turned, and walked away. "Damn zombies!" he said as he shrugged his shoulders.

THE Thriller

He walked down the streets of Chicago. People looking at him constantly. They seemed to automatically know that he was strange. Probably from his attire of complete black and the determined look on his face. He stopped walking for a second. He looked around him. He had no idea how late it was. He assumed it was about ten o'clock. But he wasn't sure.

He looked up at the moon, and for a second he thought he saw something. On the full, yellow, spherical moon, it was a red pentagram, and from each point, it was as if it bled. He closed his eyes, shook his head, and looked again. It was just a regular moon. It had simply been his imagination. He continued to walk while his head was facing toward the ground. Suddenly he heard a scream. A retched scream. A painful scream. A scream of terror, a scream of hurt, and a cry for help all in one. He looked for the source of the sound. He pinpointed it to a building across the street. He quickly ran across the street. Two cars speedily came towards him as they were going opposite ways of the four way. They came to a screeching halt adjacent to each other.

"Get out of the road you punk!"

"What are you nuts!"

He leaped into the air and cleared both of their bumpers. When he hit the ground he simply continued running. He was heading for that building and nothing could stop him. His trench coat flapped in the wind behind him. It was like a huge shadow.

"What do you want?" She asked as it hurled her to the bed. Tears came from her eyes and her mascara began to run. Her black hair was in a frizz.

"What do I want?" it said. It was a man. Or was it? It had bleached blonde hair, made in spikes. But there was something mysterious and weird about it's eyes. "I don't want anything from you. It's master. Master wants you."

"What are you talking about?! Who are you?!"

"You ask too many questions." said the thing.

"Are you going to hurt me?!" The girl asked.

"I said..." Suddenly the thing went into a metamorphosis. Like something from a bad sci-fi movie. His eyes became wider and a red color. His skin became wrinkled and tainted. Suddenly two small horns, much like doe's antlers, came from his forehead. "You ask too many questions!" He slapped her with the back of his hand.

She cried and sobbed. She screamed in agony and pain. Suddenly a stream of blood poured from her cheek. "Why are you doing this to me?!!"

"Do you want another one!!!!" He said drawing back his hand.

Suddenly the apartment door flew from it's hinges and landed on the floor a few feet away. In the door way was the man dressed in black. His face was once more serious. "Pardon me for crashing. I just heard all the noise, and I thought a party was going on. Thought I would come up. Hey you never know, might get lucky tonight."

"Gordan." the creature said.

"So you know me. Sorry I don't recognize you. Guess I just know to many demons. Where'd you go to school?" Gordan asked.

"AGHHHH!!!!!!!" the demon screamed and ran towards Gordan, the hero in black. It leaped in the air and tackled Gordan. Gordan grabbed the demon by his hair, which wasn't much, he pulled him up by his hair and through him into a wall. The demon used his hands to protect himself. He caught him self from hitting the wall and sort of bounced off the wall and went after Gordan. He leaped through the air. Gordan simply backed up and used his hand to guide the demon into the bed post. The demon hit the bedpost and went backwards, landing flat on his back. Gordan gave him a quick kick to the ribs.

Gordan took from his belt a strange weapon. It looked rather like a sai, but missing the middle blade. Gordan kneeled upon one knee. And slowly stuck this blade into the demon's eyes. There was a white flash of light and the demon was gone. All that was there was a stain on the carpet. The stain on the carpet was a pentagram. Gordan slowly stood up. He backed up and said. "He was a messenger."

Gordan went over and sat beside the girl on the bed. She shuttered. "Don't be scared. I'm a good guy." He paused for a second. "What's your name?"

"Rebecca White." she was still crying.

"Well Bec, my name's Gordan. Now I have another question."

"Okay." she said as she tried to pull herself back together.

"What did he want?"

She swallowed and finally stopped crying and sobbing. "I don't know. He said his master wanted me."

"Master?" There was a look of worry on Gordan's face.

Suddenly there was a sound. It was a growling sound. Gordan ran towards the door. He stood in the doorway. He could hear the sounds more clearly. "Get the girl!" He heard a voice say. He knew it they were demons.

"Get some clothes!" he ordered her.


"Just get some clothes!" She quickly ran to her closet and jerked out three outfits. She quickly ran towards him. He grabbed her free hand. "We gotta get out of here!" Suddenly he saw a sliding glass door that led to the balcony. He ran to it and dragged her along with him. He quickly kicked the door down. He stepped onto the balcony and looked back. The demons were in the door way.

"Gordan, I don't have a fire escape." She said.

Gordan picked her up as a groom would pick up a bride. "I know." He threw her off the edge. She screamed as she went down. Gordan backed up and had a short running start. He leaped over the banner of the balcony. Just at that time, the demons reached for him. Their misshapen hands, barley missing him.

Suddenly Rebecca landed in the dumpster below, followed by Gordan. Gordan quickly found his way out. He reached for Rebecca and helped her out. "Ewww!" she complained. "How did you know that there was a dumpster there?"

"I didn't." Gordan began walking away.


"Coming?" he questioned.

The door suddenly opened. Rebecca walked in. It was an old wooden cabin. It was completely dark. "Where's the light switch?" Rebecca asked.

"Huh!" Gordan gave off a chuckle. "Just hold on, and stay right there." Gordan quickly walked past her. Suddenly a small light came from a corner. It was a candle. It only lit one corner of the cabin. "Just stay there until I get all the lights on." He quickly ran through the lighted section. She could see his jacket flap behind him. Suddenly she could see nothing of him. She tried to follow his path but there was nothing but black. Suddenly another half of the room was lit. "Not done yet. He ran to another corner. Another candle was lit. Lighting three out of the four corners of the cabin. Then before the blink of an eye, the last light suddenly turned.

Rebecca shrieked in surprise. Before her, she saw hundreds of weapons. They were all sticking out of the floor. But they weren't your regular weapons. Swords with handles made out of bones, axes with red rubies made into the blade, staffs made of entire gold, sais with tips in the shapes of crosses, and much more. "Oh my God. What are these?" She said as she began to look at them. She pulled one of the swords out of the floor. It's handle, coated in gold. On the end of the handle was a huge ruby. The blade shined and sparkled in the dim candles.

"Each of them represents a master demon that I slayed." He was sitting in Indian style, busy looking through a cabinet for something.

"There must be hundreds."

"Only 184."

"That's a lot."

"Well I'm really old." He suddenly pulled out a big gray box from the cabinet he was looking in. He stood up and placed the box on top of the cabinet.

"Slaying master demons?" She asked, the sword was still in her hand. She gazed up and down the blade. Mesmerized by the glare.

"That's sort of what I do."

"But I still don't understand, Maste...", suddenly she noticed something about the blade of the sword. It had some writing on it. She held it in the light, where she could read it.

She read it aloud. "Excalibur. This is amazing. Where did you buy it?"

"I didn't buy it. That's the real Excalibur." He said calmly as he took a black dagger out of the grey box.

"Oh my god!" She gasped as she covered her mouth. She let the sword go. But something magical happened. The sword started to float for a moment. Suddenly the sword rotated. Still in the air, but the blade pointing straight down. Suddenly the sword stuck back into the ground. "Oh my gosh!"

"What?" Gordan said as he placed the dagger into his belt, and began to walk to her.

"Does that happen often?" Rebecca asked.

"Oh you mean the sword thingy?" Rebecca nodded. "All the time."

"Really." For a moment there was a pause while Rebecca was mesmerized in awe, looking at the sword. Gordan took the black dagger back out of his belt and began to sharpen it. It made a clinkity clakity sound as it hit the sharpening stone. "So, who are you? I'm sorry, but I'm still stuck on this whole, well I don't know what that was."

"It was a demon. As I told you before. A demon that worked for a master demon. A master demon, is a demon with superb powers who usually works for Lucifer, the devil."

"I don't believe in the devil."

"If the devil does not exist, and man has simply created him from imagination, he has created him in his own image and likeness. Believe me, the devil does exist. But please, forget your image of horns, and the hoofed body. I have seen the devil. He is of flesh and blood. Simply not mortal. Now I, am a hunter of evil. I destroy evil, I kill evil, I wipe out evil. That's what I do. I am no longer mortal either. About the demons, you see....there are several types of demons." There was a brief pause. "Master demons are the highest 'rank.' They usually work for the devil. Your life is in danger until we destroy the master demon."

"So you know who the master demon is?"

"I have no idea." Suddenly a strange look came over Rebecca's face. A look of fear. "But I know who will."

They walked on the sidewalk. It was dark and cold outside, so cold that you could see their breath. "So who are we going to see?" Rebecca asked.

"Did you ever see that Disney movie Alice in Wonderland?" Gordan asked as they continued to walk.

"Yeah. Why?"

"Do you remember those two guys, Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum?"


"Well that's who we are going to see."

"What?" Rebecca said in a voice of shock.

"Well, Lewis Carroll, the author of the story, was a demon hunter. His daughter, Alice, was kidnapped by the queen of demons. All of the characters in the story represent a supernatural creature that he met on his way, trying to save his daughter. Well you have the Queen of Demons, Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum the visionary demons, the cat was a Were-cat, the mad-hatter, the mad hare, and the mouse represented the three fates, and the caterpillar represented Marius the vampire."

"Oh my god! I don't believe it!"

"Believe it! A lot of famous people are demons." Suddenly there was a brief moment of silence. "Richard Simmons, Ricky Martin, Denzel Washington, Bill Clinton, The Pope..."

"Are you serious?"

"All except for the Pope."

"Oh. I can believe the rest. Except for Denzel."

"I know. That one surprised me too." They suddenly walked into an old, partially destroyed, dilapidated apartment building. "Now just be quiet and stay behind me at all times." Gordan told her.

They slowly walked up the staircase. They reached the top. Gordan turned left and Rebecca followed. They walked to the end of the hall. They came to a door, which read 666. Gordan backed up a step. Suddenly with one fierce kick the door flew from it's hinges. He calmly stepped inside. Rebecca followed. There was a loud noise coming from inside the apartment. A loud and eerie noise. Rebecca looked bewildered, but Gordan knew exactly what the strange noise was.

He walked into the living room. The noise became even louder. In the middle of the living room were two recliners. In the recliners......two 'people' sleeping. One a Hispanic and one Caucasian. The Hispanic, Tweedle-Dum, was wearing a short sleeve flannel shirt, which was unbuttoned revealing a plain white shirt. He wore a pair of long black JNCO's and a pair of black Nike sandals. His short black hair and goatee gave him an alternative appearance.

The other, Tweedle-Dee, was wearing a black and red Marylyn Manson shirt. It simply bore the Manson symbol. He wore a pair of long khaki cargo shorts and a pair of Vans. His dark black hair gave him a punk look.

Gordan stood behind the recliners. The Tweedles were still asleep. He placed his hands under the back of each of the recliners. Suddenly, fiercely, and quickly he raised his hands. Both of the recliners were flung into the air, waking both of the Tweedles. "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" they screamed as they went flying through the air. Rebecca laughed and chuckled. Eventually the two got back up.

When they did, their faces weren't as they were before. Now wrinkled, horned, and evil. They got up ready to fight. Tweedle-Dum gave off a growl, and Tweedle-Dee did the talking. "Whoever that was, you're going down!" Then they saw who stood before them. "Gordan?" Dee asked.

"I should have known." The Latin demon said. "What the hell were trying to do man, give me an f'n heart attack? Man, I was snoozin', man. You know what I'm saying, catching some zzz's dude, you know. Then along comes Mr. I'm a demon hunter, crashes into our crib, and freaking tries to give me a stroke."

"Chill Dum." Dee said.

"What you call me?!!" Dum became outraged.

"It's your name, doofus."

"Oh yeah." Suddenly there was a moment of silence. "Hey!"

"Who's the babe Gordan?" Dee asked.

"Her name is Rebecca White. A master demon is looking for her."

"Why?" Dee asked.

"I have no idea." Gordan answered.

"Which master?" Dum asked.

"Don't know." Gordan answered

"Oh I see, well shit man you don't know shit." Dum said.

"Come into our office." Dee said.

"We have an office? When the hell did we get an office, and why wasn't I told?" Dum asked.

Dee was speechless, he didn't know how to respond to his idiotic demonic friend. "Let's go to the kitchen."

"Where the hell is our office?" Dum asked.

They all began to walk into the kitchen. Suddenly Rebecca asked a question. "Why are we going to the kitchen?"

Suddenly Dee turned around. "What?"

"Why are we going to the kitchen?" Rebecca repeated herself.

"Because I'm hungry." Dee answered. "Do you have a problem with that?" Suddenly Dee's face began to alter and move.

"No." Rebecca said, becoming scared of the demon.

They all walked into the kitchen. Everyone except for Tweedle-Dee sat at the kitchen table. Dee went straight for the huge shelf in the kitchen. There was a small ladder in front of the shelf. He quickly climbed the ladder and stood on the top of it. He moved his hand back and forth over the top of the shelf. "Yo dickhead," Dee called to Dum, "where did you put the munchies?"

"I think their may be some Pringles or something up there." Dum said.

Dee continued to search. Suddenly he found something. "Cheesy Poofs!!!!!!!!" he cried.

"Cheesy Poofs!!!!!!" Dum cried. Dee leaped from the ladder and landed in the chair beside Dum. They automatically began eating. Gordan looked at Rebecca. Rebecca looked at Gordan. They both shook their heads and looked at the two once more. Suddenly Dum asked a question, "How old are these?"

" I don't know....but I will check." He suddenly turned the bag over and looked for the expiration date. "Where are you expiration date? Bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla....AH! Here we go! Expiration date, June 1st 1993." Suddenly the two looked at each other. Then they looked at the bag. Then they looked at each other once more. "Still crunchy!" Dee said.

"Oh yeah!" Dum said. They continued to eat.

"Yeah." Rebecca said.

"Hey what about you baby? You ever dated a demon?" Dee asked.

"Do you wash your clothes with Windex? Because I can see myself in your pants." Dum comented.

Suddenly and quickly Gordan stood up. He grabbed both of them by the back of the head and slammed their heads into the table. "Watch your mouths!"

"Oww man!" Dee screached.

"God man, watch you trying to do, turn me into a head banger, or something?" Dum screamed.

"It's okay Gordan." Rebecca calmed him down.

"I know man, it's not like wer'e angels." Dee said.

"Where the exact opposite dude." His sidekick stated.

"Let's just get on with it, okay." Gordan rushed things up. He signaled for Rebecca to stand up and they both went to stand on the other side of the kitchen.

Dee stood up and walked to the seat across from Dum. They both raised their arms into the air and united their hands, as if they were playing mercy. They both closed their eyes. Dee turned his head, his eyes still closed, and still in the position and asked, "Do you have the dagger Gordan?"

"Oh yeah." He took the dagger from his belt and placed it between the two of them on the table.

Dee slowly turned his head back towards his brother. As he did his neck gave off a loud crackling sound. They both sat perfectly still for a while. Suddenly the dagger in between them started spinning. It spun faster and faster and faster. Suddenly both of them opened their eyes. Their eyes were glowing. Glowing with a neon green color. Rebecca stood there not only in amazement, but also in a state of shock. She couldn't believe what her eyes were seeing. What her body was witnessing. What her soul was feeling. She felt something strange, but yet miraculous go through her body.

Suddenly the brothers began to recite an incantation. "I wish to quest, I wish to see. Knowledge that lies, beyond the reach of me." Dee recited.

"Information is what I heed. So give me, that which I need." Dum recited. The knife continued to twirl faster and faster. Suddenly it rose into the air continuously spinning. It then stood straight up on its handle and the blade pointed to the sky. Upon doing so a bright white light came from the blade and went straight up to the sky. It shined like a light from heaven. Gordan stood there and looked calm. Rebecca held her hand up and shielded her eyes. The light was so bright. Then the green light that came from their eyes became brighter and spread throughout the room. They then opened their mouths. A red light shined from them and combined with the specter. The lights gave off a radiant glow. Unlike any ever seen. The lights were so bright that even Gordan, who was used to this kind of stuff, had to shield his eyes. It was a sight of pure awe.

"A powerful demon of which you know, seeks to steal this girl's soul." Dee said.

" Only of you is he afraid, for your score with him is still not paid." Dum said.

"But beware... he still searches for you, an eye for an eye...the saying's still true." Dee said.

Suddenly all was silent and Gordan realized who the Tweedles were talking about. Someone that Gordan had met years and years ago. Someone that had made a crucial impact on Gordan's life. And the only word that was heard, was that of the demons name..."Dameon." Gordan whispered in mixed emotions. Surprise, shock, and even fear. For Gordan knew that Dameon was indeed the strongest demon to ever live. And he knew that Dameon would stop at nothing to get the girl. For whatever reason. And he knew that Dameon, son of Lucifer, would stop at nothing to make sure that Gordan was dead.

"Gordan, you must not let Dameon have the girl. For if he does, we have lost the world." Dum said.

Suddenly all the lights quit. The knife fell back down. Their eyes and mouths turned normal. They let go of each other's hands. Suddenly Gordan became tense. His eyes widen and he began to breathe heavy. Rebecca noticed this. "Rebecca, get under the table."


"Trust me." she quickly got under the table.

"What's wrong Gordan?" Dee asked frantically.

"They're coming." Suddenly Gordan ran and leaped upon a chair beside the table.

"AGHGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!" Suddenly there was a retched scream heard from out side the kitchen window. The glass busted and flew everywhere. A demon flew through the air, with intentions of causing a slight case of death to anyone who got in his way. Gordan leaped into the air and sliced his sword with one mighty thrust. He landed upon one knee on the table, crouched. And beside him landed two halves of a demon. Gordan quickly pulled out his two bladed sai. And poked the demons eyes out. His eye sockets began to glow, and suddenly the demon turned to dust.

"That was close!" Dee said. Just at that moment a massive demon stood behind him.

"Dee watch out!" Dum cried.

Suddenly the demon turned Dee around and used it's razor sharp claws to rip his eyes out. Dee screamed to the top of his lungs. The bright light shined upon the demon's ugly face. Suddenly Dee was nothing more than sand.

"AHHHHHH!!!!!" Dum screamed as he ran toward the demon. Nothing would stop Dum except for death. And that was the fate that Dum received. The demon caught Dum by the throat. Stopping Dum in his tracks. Dum grasped for breath and air. But the demon's grip got stronger and stronger. Suddenly the demon raised two fingers. His claws still soaked with blood. With one quick thrust, he forced his fingers into Dum's eyes. The last Tweedle screamed and cried, but it was still of no use. Death was inevitable. And just like his brother, Dum was sand. And only sand.

"Noooooooo!!!" Gordan screamed he leaped off the table and swiftly attacked the demon with his sword. Quicker then the blink of an eye, the demon had caught the sword.

Blood slowly rushed from the demon's hand, soiling the metal of the blade. The blood slowly ran down the sword. It was a dark red color. Different then human blood. After all, it wasn't a human at all. "You will die!" The demon said.

Grinding his teeth, Gordan gave off a smart comment. "Nice catch bozo!" Suddenly Gordan let go of the sword and poked the demon's eyes out with his two bladed sai. The demon screamed and yelled until he was nothing but dust.

Gordan quickly ran over to the table. He grabbed Rebecca by the back of her shirt and pulled her up. Her shirt gave off a loud ripping sound. "Come on!" Gordan yelled.

"You ripped my shirt!" She yelled at him. And she did not move at all, but simply stood there.

"So?! Is your shirt something you really wanna be worried about!!" He said franticly.

"I'm gonna be cold!"

"Oh my God!" Gordan quickly took off his jacket. He quickly handed it to her. "Put this on, shut up, and move it!!!!"

"If you're gonna be so sassy..."

"Put it on!" He screamed. She quickly did. He grabbed her arm. And they ran. The jacket flapping in the wind.

He sat in an old wooden chair in his cabin. A bottle of whiskey in one hand and a wooden cup in the other. He continued to drink and drink. All the while trying to figure out why Dameon would want her.

Rebecca paced back and forth in front of him. She still had on his jacket. "Why do they want me?"

"I don't know."

"How did they find us?!" She began becoming frantic.

"I don't know."

"Who is Dameon??!!"

"I don't know if I can tell you."

'Who are you???!!!"

"I don't know if I can tell you that either."

"Tell me something!!!!!" With one quick hand she slapped him. It cut the skin of his white cheek. She watched as a few drops of blood trickled from the cut. She watched as the cut healed in a matter of seconds. She watched as the blood dried. She watched in amazement. She quickly snapped out of that state of awe. A feeling of frustration overcame her. She walked away, turned her back to him, and frantically took off his coat. Upon doing so she revealed the tear in her shirt. Gordan saw something. It was a scar. He stood up. He threw the bottle and the cup down. Not caring what mess he made. "And here's your coat." She said as she threw it at him. He used his arm to push it out of his way. He came up to her and grabbed her by the shoulders. "What do you want?" She screamed. He ripped the tear a little bit further. Exactly what he thought. It was a scar. And the scar was a cross with a circle around it. It was small but it was still visible.

"My liege." He kneeled upon one knee. "I am at your command."

She quickly turned around. "What are you talking about?"

"You are the Holy Child."

"What?" She looked bewildered. "Stand up."

"Yes my liege."

"Now what is this Holy Child crap?"

"You were adopted, correct."

"Yeah..but I've never told anyone about that."

"What do you know about your parents?"

"Nothing, except they must have been cruel."

"Why do you say that?"

"Their the one's who gave me the scar on my back. And how did you know that I was adopted?"

"The scar is marking. It is always the same with all Holy Childs. You are of the same bloodline as Christ."


"Haven't you ever felt that you didn't belong here?" Rebecca just stood there and nodded in amazement. "Sit. I must explain."

Rebecca quickly sat on the floor. "Okay, start explaining."

"Well," Gordan sat down in his wooden chair, "Joseph and Mary had two sons. Jesus and another who was unnamed. This making the unnamed the brother of Christ, and a sharer of the DNA of the savior. All children of this family, were marked at birth with that particular scar. The child was then given away, so that evil would not discover it. The mark is to tell all who protect the holy who to guard. This also explains why Dameon wants you. You see only a Holy Child can enable Satan, Dameon's father, to walk the earth again. If Dameon weds you, Satan shall rule the earth and all is doomed."

"Oh my God!" There was a moment of brief silence. But then it was broken by Rebecca. "So where do you fit in with all of this?"

"I suppose I must tell you." He paused for a second and began to lick his lips. "I was born in 1093. November first was the date. My father, was a holy man. Sort of like a monk, but of the Christian faith. He was protector of the holy. They called us The Disciples of Faith. Only few exist today. We protect the holy and sacred and destroy the evil. I was born in a Disciple sanctuary. Hidden in the desserts of Asia. My father had fell in love with a refugee there. She was my mother. She died while giving birth. Around the age of seven, I began my training to become a Disciple. I learned all forms of fighting, legends and stories of the supernatural, and about God. I also learned about the Holy Childs. About five years later, I awoke one night. I was awaken by a scream. A terrifying scream. I stumbled out of bed. I discovered that everyone in the camp had been murdered. There was a track of blood. I followed it. It lead to a brutal murder that was occurring. A huge beast was attacking my father......... hurting my father......killing my father. The beast was Dameon. I was frozen there. I couldn't do anything. I watched as it killed my father. After it was done, it noticed me. It turned toward me. I remember the look of it's eyes. It was terrifying. Suddenly a feeling overcame me. I don't even know what the feeling was. Perhaps anger, fear, or an emotion I don't even know about. Maybe the emotion that let's you know your alive. Maybe the emotion that gives you adrenaline, that makes you breathe harder, or the one that makes you cry. I always carried a knife in my pocket. I pulled the knife out. I lunged toward the beast. I'll never forget the way he screamed. The knife sunk deep into his eye. He quickly ran. I couldn't chase after him. I couldn't even move. I never saw him again.

"I left the sanctuary the next day. I became a drifter. I wandered from place to place for years. Until I was twenty. Then I made a decision. A decision that changed my life forever. I challenged the devil to a battle.

"The battle was held in the pits of Hell. If I lost, the devil would have my soul. But if I won, I won immortality. I remember everything in Hell. The screams, the tortured victims, how they begged me to help them.....but I couldn't.

"It was a long, hard, and fierce battle. It lasted for seven days. But in Hell, there is no such thing as time. In Hell you never get tired. The battle lasted seven Earth days. But I won. I won the duel. I won immortality. I made a vow. I vowed that I would stop at nothing to destroy Dameon. That I would destroy all evil. That was my sacred promise.

"It was about a century later. I met a Holy Child. Her name was Margaret. She gave me this cross." He held it up. It shined in the candle light of his cabin." I...I fell...."

"You fell in love with her." Rebecca said softly. All Gordan could do was nod. He knew it was true. He had fallen in love with her. "What happened?"

"I protected her." He paused for a moment. "After that, I walked away. It could never work. I had to be this heroic figure. I couldn't stay with her. Destiny wouldn't let me. Fate wouldn't let me. Love wouldn't let me." Suddenly a tear fell from his eye. "You look just like her." He paused once more. "You look exactly like her. That's one of the reasons I saved you. I saw her in you."

Rebecca's mouth suddenly fell open. Tears began to come from her eyes. She quickly got up and went to the door way. She stood there. Breathing and grasping for the fresh air.

"Rebecca, I'm sorry if, I'm sorry if I disturbed you by saying that." He paused for a second. "If you want me to, I'll take it back."

"No it's not that." she said.

"Then what is it?"

"I had and still....I don't know....maybe it's a crush."

"What?" He stood up. "I had no idea." He came up behind her and held her arms.

"No." She pushed his arms off and turned around. She held his hand. "You said it yourself. It could never work."

"We could make it work."

"No." She shook her head. "You have to be a hero."

"Heroes are made by popular demand. I am no hero anyway. And if I am, the world will make another hero."

"No. It won't work. It's not real. Don't you have to save the world or something?" She quickly turned around and closed her eyes.

"Yeah. I guess." Slowly he turned around and walked away. He walked slowly through the cabin. Depressed and hurt. He walked and stood in the doorway of a room in the cabin. The room only had one thing in it, a bed. He turned and looked at her. He then looked at the floor and walked into the room. He closed the door behind him.

"AGHHHHH!!!!!" She screamed. He quickly woke. He ran out of the room. He ran through the cabin. He caught himself on the door way.

"REBECCA!!!!" he screamed. Nothing. Nowhere. No one. There was no trace of her. "What? Where?" He looked around. He saw something. A knife stuck into the door. And on the tip of the knife was a sheet of paper. He pulled the knife out of the door. It was a very old knife. He automatically recognized it. It was at one time, his. The stench of blood was still on it. He then read the paper.

"If you wish to see the girl again, meet me at the city graveyard under the holiest of places. Or else at midnight, all of your souls and all of the puny humans try to protect shall be destroyed and all prophecies shall come to pass.


Gordan gritted his teeth and crumpled the paper into a tiny ball.

He slowly walked through the graveyard. He was loaded down with weapons. Every step he made was followed by a clinkity clankity sound. He looked around the graveyard. "How peculiar. Nothing but FREAKING GRAVES!!! Where are you, PANSY?!! I SWEAR IF YOU TOUCH HER, I'LL...." Suddenly Gordan looked up. "....whoop your....hiney." The moon was a harvest moon. But on the moon was something he had saw before. It was like the moon had got a paint job. On it was a red pentagram. Painted in....well it appeared to be blood.

"Oh my God! How did he do..." everything was black.

Suddenly a small light was able to be seen it was a full moon. But it wasn't the moon from before. It was a regular moon. Mist surrounded him. "Where am I?!" Gordan cried out. "Dameon! Where are you?!!"

"Did you think you could get to me that easily?! Ha ha ha!" his voice was cruel and evil. "Before you get to me you will have to face three tests. Prepare for your first."

Suddenly a three bladed tiger-fork appeared in his hand. It's a weapon sort of like a spear. He twirled it back and forth. Suddenly a hooded man appeared out of nowhere. He was dressed in complete black even his hood. He jumped in the air and did a spin kick, slicing through the air, and not even trying to hit him. Suddenly a tiger-fork appeared in his hand as well.

Gordan twirled the tiger-fork in his hand. He then attacked the hooded man with it. The hooded man blocked it. Gordan came down with it but once more the man blocked. This time the man followed up with a kick in the chest. Gordan flew through the air and landed on his back. He quickly got back up. He ran toward the man and went for a drop kick. The man placed the pole of the tiger-fork under his feet. He then pushed up causing Gordan to do a flip and land flat on his face.

Gordan slowly arose. He faced the man. The man ran toward Gordan and did a roundhouse. Upon doing so he landed on his feet and gave Gordan an elbow to the head. Gordan quickly pulled himself up to his feet. He gave a roundhouse kick, kicking the man in the face. Gordan then gave him one huge thrust with the blades of the tiger-fork. The man began to turn to dust. But before the dust hit the ground, everything was black again.

"Okay." Suddenly a burning heat and flickering light was felt and seen. Around him was a ring of fire. Gordan was missing his jacket and in his hands were two shotguns.

Suddenly there was a loud screech. Gordan looked around. Behind him was a huge demon. The demon gave him one swift punch to the face. Gordan hit him with the handles of the shotgun. The huge demon retaliated by kicking Gordan down. Both of the shotguns flew high into the air. Gordan quickly got up. He used a standing side kick, followed by a hopping side kick, and a quick jab to the gut. This dazed the massive demon. Then Gordan caught the shotguns. And he caught them in such a way that he automatically cocked them. He then threw them up and caught them around the trigger. Two shots. Three hits. One bullet hitting the demon's left eye. One bullet hitting the demon's right eye. One demon hitting the ground. Then everything was black.

He was in a pool. It was a dark swimming pool, there were no lights. The only lights were the dim lights within the swimming pool. Gordan lay there in the pool with a black wife beater on and surrounding him were beautiful girls attempting to seduce him. No water could be seen, only the women and Gordan. They kissed him and licked his body. "Surrender to us Gordan." One of the women said.

"You know you like it." Another one said.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes…no!" Gordan screamed. He quickly got up and rushed out of the pool. He was frightened. He had a suspicion that things weren't as they seemed. He looked out upon the pool and saw all of the women turning into demons.

"Whatever is the matter Gordan?"

"Nothing, I just suppose the water's a little too warm for me." Gordan took the cross off of his neck. "But you guys have a nice swim." He said as he put the cross in the water. He watched as all of the demon seductresses went up in flames and as blood red sand filled the pool. Then everything was gone and he stood in the graveyard.

"Good evening Gordan." Gordan looked and he saw Dameon holding Rebecca. "I'm so glad you found us."

"Let her go Dameon." Gordan looked at Dameon with pure hatred. Dameon was in a human form right now. He was dressed entirely in black, his long black hair in the wind, and a patch over his eye.

"Never Gordan. Give up, for we will be wed." Dameon said in his evil voice.

"Leave Gordan, go save yourself," Rebecca pleaded. "Go Gordan! Go!" Rebecca screamed as the tears rolled down her face.

"I'll go, you've won Dameon." And Gordan turned to walk away, he shook his head for he knew it was over. The world was over. Dameon had won, and as he walked he could hear the son of Satan's evil laughter filling the air. He looked to the sky and saw that it was almost morning. He slowly drew a dagger from his belt. Then he screamed at the top of his lungs "JUST KIDDING!!" And as he turned he threw the dagger as hard as he could. The dagger twirled in the air, it was heading straight for Dameon. Dameon threw his hostage aside so he could prevent the dagger from doing any damage to himself. Dameon lifted his hand and caught the blade pointing straight towards his good eye.

Dameon threw the knife down to the ground, "Now this is over."

"Now this is personal!" Gordan shouted as he raced toward the demon. He leaped into the air and kicked Dameon in the face. Dameon was stunned but returned with a punch blocked by Gordan. Gordan Followed with a roundhouse. His enemy was knocked down. Gordan straddled his adversary as he prepared to take his other eye.

"Gordan, before you kill me I have one thing to say." Said the demon when he realized his demise was at hand.

"Well make it quick. I got a busy schedule: Got to kill you, promised the little lady a waffle at waffle house, and I got to get home in time to watch the rerun of Friends. I love Joey, he's so funny, but go ahead."

Gordan looked down at Dameon with a dagger in his hand while Dameon began to speak. "I just wanted to say, it was…so fun killing your father. I loved the way the blood squirted from his gashes every time I stabbed his poor mortal flesh." And Dameon began to give a horrid growl as Gordan was consumed and dazed with flashbacks. Dameon pushed Gordan, with dagger still in hand, off of him, and leaped for the attack.

Gordan noticed that the dagger was still in hand, he plunged it into Dameon's eye and let go. Dameon fell to the ground with the knife still in his eye. "I hope you also enjoyed me cutting your eye out, that was great for me. Oh and next time, try to kick the dagger out of my hand." Gordan crouched down as Dameon turned into dust, and he pulled the dagger out of the ground. Under his breath he said, "This is for you dad." And he walked away.

Rebecca chased after her dark hero. "How did you know he was going to throw me to the side?"

"I didn't."


"Just kidding."

"So now what?"

"Now, you can go home. You can forget any of this ever happened, and if you ever need help, I'll be there, don't worry I'll find you."


"You said it yourself, Rebecca, it can't work. You are mortal, I'm not. I have a job to do. No matter how bad it hurts, it can't work. I care for you, I think I love you, but no, it can't happen."

"But I love you too." Rebecca said as she began to cry.

"Rebecca," Gordan said as he brushed against her skin. "No, don't cry. There is going to be a man you fall in love with him, you are going to marry him, and have child. Trust me it's destined, I'm not that man. You will love someone, he will love you, and he can stay with you." Gordan tenderly kissed her lips, "Goodbye and I love you, Holy Child." And he began to walk away. The Holy Child began to cry as she watched her hero walk away, and she turned away from him. "Hey Bec!" She heard him cry out. She turned to see him staring at her, "Catch!" he threw something. She caught in her hand a necklace. She caught in her hand his cross. "Keep it, might help you out someday." And he turned and continued walking.

Under her breath Rebecca said, "Goodbye Gordan. Go be a hero." And she watched as her dark hero walked into the sunrise…