Author's Note: I wrote this last year for an English class assignment. It's dedicated to one of my best friends, and is not to be taken seriously whatsoever. Thanks for reading!

Dear Katie

How many years of friendship
have been boiled down to
naught but water vapor
in this small, black
cauldron of hate?
You are well-deserving
of my vengeful wrath,
being like a despis├ęd
snakeish thing to me.
Storm clouds frown upon you -
their angry rain will melt you
like the Wicked Witch -
no flying monkeys will save you.
Your rancid acts fill me
with a disgust beyond words,
and I desire to crush you,
insect perilously waiting
beneath my furied foot.
Your bony, near-transparent wrists -
I envision them snapping
like twin branches of a dead tree
in a brutal, furious wind.
Do not soil my judicious ears
with your pathetic pleas for mercy -
you will find none from
my emotionless soul.