Author's Notes: I was in a somber mood when I wrote this story. This poem is dedicated to anyone who's ever been in love, but let him/ her get away. I hope you guys like. R & R

This is my first time posting one of my poems here, so please be gentle.


Did you ever love me

I sometimes wonder why

On misty days like this

I always seem to cry

It really hurts me deep

To know the things we missed

It's funny how I still pray

For just one simple kiss

Even that was denied me

Why, I'll never know

Did you really love me

Or was it all for show

Regardless of this

I love you still

I just can't let you go

No I never will

Many years have passed

And I'm sure you're with another

At least I had you as my friend

If not as your lover

Though I sometimes wish

To see your face again

To let you finally know that

My heart will never mend

You're the only man I loved

I know this is too much

How I long to feel you close

And relish in your touch

How can I love you still

After all you put me through

You played games with my heart

But I could never be mad at you

I hope the woman you find

Will somehow treat you right

And always be by your side

On cold and lonely nights

For me, I'll move on

But I don't want to let you go

Forever I'll love you

Just so you know

************************************************* Depressing huh? Well this was I was feeling, and so I had to put this to paper. Hope you all enjoyed.