wild eyes

he's got wild eyes and a crazy grin
and windswept hair to match
but he would never take that ring off
not even for a second
some of them smile at him
but they're all just girls to him
they remind him of how young he was
and how old he's got
and how long he's worn that ring
and it never gets old to him
some days he's quieter
and when he sighs it breaks your heart
but then he smiles and looks around
with those wild eyes of his
and he knows how good he looks
in his shirt and tie and slacks
and he knows he wears them
for the ones who smile back
and laugh at all his jokes
it's just for them he talks
and mutters and grins
it's because of them he wears
that ring every day of his life
because he knows they'd notice
just like they notice his hair
and his shoes and his belt
and everything else about him
and he can't leave all this behind him
because he lives for the smiles
and he's got to go home every night
and close his eyes and sigh
and hear her in the other room
and it makes him smile
the ring on his finger
tells them all that he's already happy
and he just lives for life
with his crazy smile
and his wild eyes