An oration of cities
Risen unchanging
Topic engaging
Anarchist, presuming
Lieutenant the forged
One behind legends,
Sixth from the blessed
Barter telemetric,
With all due respect,
Implicatively vexed
I'm stuttering sufferance
Hence rambling dimensions
Theologically slightest
Yet somehow the densest
Routine I'm presenting
Traditions so fair
Terraced au contraire
The order of countless
The ambidextrous confessed
So why communication
Continence impulsive
You trilogy to mount the mar
Rhetorical precursor
Not all the arrows shoot to fixed
Not all exterminations
End in sin
So how can you be sure
You smothered oxymoron
Of the proper elocution
For my temperance triumphant
My furrow speaking for itself
And the droning esoteric
Cut the rheostat
Descending of the frond
I'll close my suing skylight,
As you wish
But you'll never know the job
Nor the underhanded casing type
Of mentors Goliardic
You subsidiary reliquary
Flamboyantly transposed
On every page you'll find the same
The marginal, espalier