Empty cold and dark room with nothing but four walls

Not a door or window

It's plastered cement shadow as smooth as glass

To my lips


I've been screaming inside for so long now

Got desensitized

Feelings are now these lost emotions long gone

To my heart


Empty face is numb now left with nothing to do

Not a smile

It's times like this I wish I could fall freely

To my death


Saying we'll be there in darkness time after time

Lies romantisized

Now coming to find a deep darkness we all can't see

To my thoughts


Empty Angel's wings of hollow black feathers that shed

Not a light

It's turned into a pointless merry-go-round

To my hope


Please, they say, would you quit being so selfish

Save your thoughts

Me being a waist of your time now and forever, that is

To my life


Empty nights cover me blind to see the guiding star

Not alright

It's been far too long since something real graced me

To my love


I'm a person people love to be in company of, usually

Already too late

Dead ghosts can't see my aura anymore either

To my hate