Life portrayed as tiny inkblots
on a piece of paper that gets crumpled;
We are those impalpable blots
roaming the earth for some purpose.

Clinging to life as if it is a need
and the day we will find the answers,
and use more capability of the brain,
is when we see kingdom monera
scattering and infesting our bodies.

Some people, here by random chance?
Or are we just dust lost in the wind?
Holding onto any shread of knowledge,
we only shift & advert backwards in time
being wiped out period after period.

So here we cling like leeches
and perplexity hanging over us.
wondering what the hell is the sky
why we have this element called emotions,
are we coming closer to the truth?
Or only drifting further away?

As time eats away, no substantial answers
this dark shade of nothingness
only leaves us blots wondering...

A portal of answers that can never
be found with our state of knowledge.
Are we millions infecting earth?
with what we believe we are building
to create the perfect world.