With sword drawn, Genghis Khan advanced towards his enemy for one on one combat. Theodoric the Goth stepped forward to meet the challenge. They came within ten feet of one another and stopped. They began to walk in a circle, slowly getting closer to each other. It was Theodoric who struck first. With a wild lunge to Genghis' side, he almost fell off balance. Genghis easily sidestepped and brought his own curved sword up to parry. Before Genghis could strike back in retaliation, Theodoric took a step backwards, bringing his shield up just in case. Another circle, another lunge from Theodoric and still no blood had been drawn.

Around the two fighters stood perhaps four dozen men, half Mongolian and half Gothic. All stood ready to fight, but none threw insults at each other or at the enemy commanders. They just watched silently, ready to intervene should the enemy troops come to the enemy commanders' aid.

Again, the two men had backed away from each other. This time it was the Mongolian ruler who struck out. With a loud clang, his sword was blocked by Theodoric's shield. This time, however, the attack was pressed. Three more quick blows were blocked by Theodoric before he could attempt to strike back and when he did manage it, the blow was easily evaded by Genghis. Neither one of the fighters seemed to be able to grab an advantage. Genghis, with his massive, curved blade and light, silk armor was the better of the two in terms of offensive capabilities. With his massive shield and heavy set of metal armor, Theodoric was the better defended of the two.

Another quick strike from Genghis was blocked by Theodoric's shield. However, the blow was too powerful for Theodoric and his clumsy armor. The few steps back he was forced to take were enough to send him tumbling down the hill behind him. Genghis leapt after him in a more controlled fashion while all the soldiers ran after them.

Theodoric came to a rolling halt at the bottom of the hill, about one hundred feet from the top. Despite the dizziness he had to be experiencing, Theodoric was quick to his feet and had his sword in hand, ready to ward off more attacks. Genghis was down the hill seconds later, jumping the last few yards and landing nimbly on his feet. Despite Theodoric's readiness, a quick blow from Genghis hit him in the side but failed to penetrate his thick armor. Theodoric retaliated with a series of fearsome blows, all of which were deflected by Genghis' skillful sword work.

Theodoric's bearded face was turning red from all the exertion and he was panting heavily. He could no longer hold his sword up all the time. On the other side of the fight, Genghis remained perfectly calm, his dark face showing no signs of strain and his lack of expression continuing to disconcert Theodoric. Some of the soldiers whom had been watching the battle began to drift away to get drinks of water from the river that ran nearby, trusting that their comrades would take care of any necessities. The battle had begun to bore them with its lack of bloodshed.

Theodoric brought his mighty sword up again and charged Genghis. Due to Genghis' sidestep, Theodoric only managed to get a glancing blow off on Genghis' helmet, but it was enough to knock the Mongolian leader down. Seeing his opponent fall, Theodoric turned back towards him to deliver a killing blow. He brought his sword crashing down, only to have it slice into a patch of grass. Genghis, who had rolled a foot to his left, quickly brought his sword to bear, slashing across at his enemy's legs. Theodoric cried out in pain as his leg armor was pierced and blood started to trickle from the mild wound. To his credit, he managed to stay upright, though he did stagger backwards half a dozen steps.

Genghis leapt up from where he had fallen, a sadistic smile forming on his lips. This was his realm. He was the master of hand to hand combat and no mere Goth was going to get the upper hand. He charged his wounded opponent, who raised his sword and shield uselessly. The Gothic soldiers were getting agitated now, and soldiers from both sides who had just been at the river had returned. Some grim smiles of triumph began to work their ways onto the Mongolian soldiers, all of whom sensed victory nearing.

Theodoric blocked each blow thrown at him by Genghis, but he was still steadily worked backwards. Step by step, Theodoric neared the mighty river. He only managed one offensive strike, which was easily repelled by Genghis. Just a handful of strikes from Genghis later, when Theodoric was just a mere couple of feet from the river, he let his valiant defense slip. A powerful blow found its way through both shield and sword to clash upon hard metal armor. Even that was not enough and the Mongolian sword was driven through the chest plate and deep into Theodoric's flesh.

Genghis coldly removed his sword from his enemy's body, still upright and in motion, staring at the gaping wound in its chest. Then it glanced up at Genghis' retreating form and all signs of life left it. It fell backwards and into the river with a resounding splash. The Gothic soldiers just stood transfixed, staring in horror at the place where their fallen leader lay submerged. Before they could react, cold steel was driven into them by the other Mongolian warriors. Without a backwards glance, Genghis began to walk back up the hill, followed by his group of warriors, leaving the Gothic bodies to rot in the summer's heat and be eaten by scavengers.

The cold terror spread by the Mongols had struck once more, this time in the heart of Goth. Never again was the medieval world to be safe again unless someone managed to stop the seemingly invincible Mongol horde.

A/N: This is a fictional account of a duel between Genghis Khan and one of his enemies. Theodoric may have been around back then but I'm not sure. This is a first for me. It's just a short description of a personal duel, something I've never done before. Hope you all like it but I have no idea if you will.