It makes me shudder to read these poems about love
To think that there is something like that waiting for me just around
The corner.
To think that somewhere in this squalid, crawling world
Spilling with parasites that there may be one that
Mirrors my own desire to feed.

Will she cling to me and suck out my love?
Or perhaps, it will be the reverse?
I will climb into her and eat her passion.
Perhaps the peripheral edge of the proverbial circle I sit on
Will crumble
Beneath me
Thrusting me into wriggling love.
Maybe, I will sail peacefully into it
Via my own big blue,
And sink under it.
Let it wash over me.

I have never been in love,
Nor have I seen it's face,
Nor do I look for it,
Or expect it to come to me.

Perhaps, I think, this is why I sit on the edge
Or sail the cold sea on a one crew ship,
Crying for her need of me.

Maybe, if I want love to be mine,
I should ask for her to need me.