This is the thought process of a man (werewolf), who was in love with his best friend, and what he does after the death of said friend.

I sit here as a shell of what I once was

I still feel your presence in this darkened room

And I know I am selfish

And a fool

They tell me that you would want me to live

And I see their truth.

But how can I live when you do not?

How can I go on with your hand not in mine?

Suddenly I feel it, your hand there.

I look and I realize that you are alive.

Your uncanny grin makes me smile too.

You are so irresistible.

Closing my eyes, I lean forward

To brush your lips with my own.

But as always, I feel nothing.

As always, you are gone.

And I am left again.

Knowing that you are my own hallucination

And hating you for it.

Then, she comes in, trying so hard

To be the perfect girlfriend

And I almost feel sorry for her

She doesn't realize how much

I love you.

All she knows is that

She's expected to fix what's wrong.

He's gone, she says.

And inside I am screaming.

I know he's gone

I know.

And suddenly I wish I had gone too

Damn my immortality,

And damn the rest of the world.

Trying to pull me back into the light.

She leaves, thinking she has done no good

And in her own eyes, she hasn't.

I will order the blade today, in secret.

The blade of silver, to kill the wolf.

That is slowly consuming my heart.

How dare it take my heart?

That's the one thing of mine that never really was.

It always belonged to you.

You, full of life and spirit, had two hearts.

One was in your body,

Pure and unsullied by the world.

And one was my own dark organ

Given to you on a silver platter

And never noticed.

Do you see me now, this sad relic of a love that never was?

Do you see how I turn them away, because I cannot have you?

As the blade digs deeper into my skin, do you see my smile?

It returns your own, and you hold out your hand.

I stop pushing the blade.

And grab your hand.

It is gone.

And I am left, again

Screaming again on the inside

Knowing that you'll never be there again.

And I fade into the fire.

Into the darkness

It feels rushed, and disjointed, but here it is. R&R, s'il vous plâit?